Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We Got Spanked.

When parents give their children a spanking, it's to teach them a lesson. This week, voters nationwide gave Republicans a spanking, to teach them a lesson. I always try to defend the Republican Party wherever I can, but in my opinion these latest election results were well deserved. The American voter will no longer look the other way when it comes to corruption, whether it be moral, political, or financial.

My sincerest hope is that we as Republicans learn our lesson, and not take the voters for granted any longer. Democrats my be able to get away with perversion, but only because they openly advocate it. If we desire to be the morally better party, we need to PURGE THE PARTY. Get rid of the bribery and kinky sex. Once we do, voters will believe us again. It's that simple. Any Republican, high or low, who disagrees with that is in a hopeless state of denial. Get rid of the denial, and we can rebuild the party.

Here in my own state, Republican Ernest Istook lost a gubernatorial race to a Democrat incumbent. Istook said he ran for Governor because he was tired of the Republican delegation in Congress -- they weren't being true to the party message. While it's true his opponent was especially strong, I believe it is also true that Republican bribery and perverted sex really turned the Oklahoma voters off, big time. They wanted the local boy, not another beltway insider. (I can attest to you though, Istook is above reproach -- he's a member of my church, and were he to be caught doing the things that have been exposed lately, he'd be excommunicated in a flash.)

Dear President Bush and the RNC: if we wish to regain lost ground, it is an absolute MUST that we PURGE THE PARTY. Get a clue.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yeah -- What THEY Said....

Members of the Minnesota National Guard holding a sign that says:

"Halp us Jon Carry -- we r stuk hear n Irak."