Friday, December 28, 2007

This Is Just Too Much.

I ended up Rolling On The Floor Laughing My @#% Off when I came across this one.

Folks, it seems that some of the barristas working at Starbuck's Coffee believe they are being oppressed. They're feeling downtrodden. Pouring liquid into a cup all day is such horrible, awful work.

Let me introduce you to......(drum roll, please).....THE STARBUCKS UNION! [link]

I'm dead serious -- I am not making this up. I came across it today in a web search. Yes friends, we need to help our coffee pouring comrades in their fight for easier working conditions! We must have compensation for chipped nails! Onward, labor, onward!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Swallowing Camels, Straining At Gnats.

Jesus railed against the Pharisees, who would nit-pick at trivialities in Rabbinical protocol and then ignore weightier matters of the law.

In a time when conservatives need to be closing ranks and helping one another, they are instead imploding into a mess of accusation and recrimination over minor matters, while liberals and liberal organizations all across America literally get away with murder. (For example, there is the fact that workers for P.E.T.A. repeatedly get caught killing animals in their euthanasia death vans, then dumping massive amounts of dead pets into public waste receptacles, creating a bio-hazard pollution problem that GreenPeace would throw fits over.) Let's not forget the multi million dollar salaries that some members of the P.E.T.A. executive ranks earn. Who's making account of where it comes from? Why isn't any of it going to save animals?

Rather than focus our conservative efforts in exposing liberal corruption and fraud, we are instead attacking churches and pastors. I'm referring of course to the recent probes by Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, chasing after evangelicals like a man possessed. Our generals are stabbing our own Praetorian Guard in the back, rather than fighting off the Huns and Visigoths clamoring at our gates. Now grant you, there may be a number of churches who just might really need to be audited, be let the liberals do all that. Why waste our time on it, when we can let liberals waste theirs?

Just how thoroughly are conservatives going after LIBERAL CORRUPTION? It's very easy to find, all we have to do is look.

Let me refer you to this humorous article by Michele Malkin, about recent liberal corruption scandals. These are scandals that for some reason have been "put on ice" by conservatives, when really we should be hounding them to the ends of the earth.

Islamic Capital Crime -- Getting A Manicure

If a sweet, innocent bride in Iraq wants to look pretty on her wedding day, she has to do it in secret. She has to get her beauty work done in underground, back alley salons. If she gets caught, local Islamo-Nazi's will blow her up. If they're in a good mood, they'll only shoot her.

Read about the thriving underground beauty salon industry in Iraq, in this article by Yahoo News.

In "The Art of War," philosopher Sun Tzu wrote: "If your enemy is quick to anger, seek to infuriate him."

Since we see that the beauty of women makes the Jihadi-Nazi's so angry, we must do all we can to help Islamic women get what they need to beautify themselves as much as possible. We need to be flooding Iraq with VOGUE and COSMOPOLITAN by the plane-load. We need to open up bikini boutiques and bridal shops. We need to send them lingerie and prom dresses. We need to get Jose Eber to pack up his scissors and blow dryer and parachute him behind enemy lines.

In the 1960's, American Liberals chanted "question authority" as their mantra. Maybe it's time we spread that abroad. Liberals should be on the front lines of questioning authority in Iraq, they should be marching the streets throwing around shampoo samples. A little known fact of history is that few autocratic regimes can survive the mass disapproval of their women. Empires rise and fall on the support of their wives, mothers, and sisters.

Lipstick Divas of the Iraqi people, arise!

"Just Say No."

For those of you who are tempted to give in to the excesses of the pop star lifestyle, Nelly Furtado has some wonderful advice.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Western Decadence, Part Two.

In earlier posts I discussed how we should do to militant Wahabins within Islam the very same things that atheistic liberals do to Christian authority. Corrupt them with modern culture.

Let me introduce you to a pair of singers who call themselves "Milk and Honey."

When you click on the embeded videos below, you'll see that they are aptly named. Yowza. These young ladies are becoming successful singing Arabic hip-hop (for lack of a better description of the genre.) This is the kind of thing I am talking about. We need more of this stuff, tons more, and we need to saturate the Taliban world with it, BY THE PLANE LOAD.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pharisee Chavez

Whenever you deal with any kind of left wing government that is always visibly critical of the United States, inevitably you will always find a white-washed sepulchre piled to the brim with filth, rot, and bones.

In recent days, loyal supporters of Hugo Chavez and his socialist administration have been calling for him to come clean about rampant corruption. They are publicly calling upon him to "cleanse the inner vessel." Chavez is refusing, naturally, just like any bombastic communist blow-hard would do.

Read about it in this article at The Miami Herald.

It remains up to us as right wing bloggers to publicly call out such baloney and shenanigans, because the liberal journalists in America sure won't do it. They're too busy trying to ram through congress laws specifically designed to silence conservative bloggers and conservative talk radio.

So Called "Glorious Socialist Progress" #19

In recent days, Chinese authorities have cracked down on Internet dissidents, ahead of the impending government sponsored mass advertisement called the "Olympic Games."

Read about the plight of Mr. Wang Dejia, who was recently arrested for his words on the internet, in this article at Yahoo! News.

It makes me laugh, just how COWARDLY the Soviet Chinese government is.

They're so afraid of people who criticize them on the Internet, they arrest them all and jail them indefinitely, without habeas corpus or timely trial, and they execute many. The only crime these people are guilty of is words on a computer screen. The big, mighty, glorious, "progressive" socialist state of China is afraid of mere words, the way a little child fears shadows in the closet.

While police departments around the world deal with REAL criminals like murderers and drug traffickers, China cares more about executing students, poets, and philosophers. The real injustice is that we continue to pour billions of dollars of trade into their pockets, then issue mamby-pamby resolutions in the U.N. reprimanding North Korea for the same things we ignore in China.

Such hypocrisy boggles the mind.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Congressional Inquiries Into "Waterboarding."

Sacre Bleu! Such Scandal!

It seems the Burgomeisters over in Belgium are choking on their chocolates, because a disaster has occured. They have crowned a Miss Belgium who doesn't understand a lick of Dutch. She speaks only French, Czech, and English. (Oh, is THAT all....) Now just what is the world coming to, these days?

Read the article at Yahoo! News.

They should count themselves lucky, really. Thanks to our illustrious, communist-filled education establishment, OUR beauty queens can barely even speak their OWN language. (Have a heart.... Ebonics isn't easy, you know!)

I hope they haven't done a background check -- they just might find her posing nude in Playboy with one of OUR beauty queens, after a night in the tank for D.U.I.

Someone I'd Like You To Meet.

Several years ago, I was working at Clear Channel Communications here in the Oklahoma City Metro. I served at WKY and KTOK as a lowly, humble control board operator. During my time there I had the wonderful opportunity to observe Mike McCarville in action on his radio program a number of times.

Mike is one of those rare gems who can really get down to the brass tacks on conservative issues, yet still maintain an "aw shucks" kind of folksy demeanor to balance it all out. He has a wonderful sense of humor. As I watched him and listened to him on a number of occasions, I thought to myself that he really should get some national attention. I noticed that nowadays he is being carried much farther around, and I hope the trend continues.

In the mean time, please be sure to take a gander at his blog:

Monday, December 10, 2007

WHAT IF?......

"It was me, the gunman, and God." [link]

That's how volunteer security guard Jeanne Assam described the crucial instant she drew her small side arm, facing down a psychotic assassin carrying assault weapons.

The recent shooting deaths at New Life Church in Colorado Springs underscores the obvious. What if no one was there, with a licensed side arm, to stop the killer the way Mz. Assam did? What if?

The pastor of the congregation credits Jeanne with saving at least 100 lives, through her bravery that day.

If our laws prevented Mz. Assam from carrying her weapon, 100 people may have died.

This is why I believe in my Constitutional right to bear arms -- to protect myself and my loved ones, the way this lady protected the public.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

They Said It, I Didn't (#4)

Civil rights activist Andrew Young recently said, and I quote:

"[Bill] Clinton has probably gone with more black women than Barack [Obama]..."

Read the article HERE. [link]

At least he hasn't driven a car off a bridge with a secretary inside.

Illiterate Degenerate.

I was goofing off on the internet today. It's interesting the kind of things you can find. For instance, the whiny bitch-fit Kanye West threw when he didn't get any awards at a recent ceremony.

Kanye West backstage tantrum at VMA'S.

Not much to see on it, but the audio track is a perfect example of his arrogant crudeness.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More So-Called Chinese "Progress"

When you buy a Turkey this holiday, read the label carefully. If it's from China, don't touch it.

In a recent article at Yahoo News, Chinese authorities admitted to having shipped turkeys to the U.S. that had been fed with lead and date rape drugs.

You just gotta love such glorious Socialist "progress."