Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yeah! What He Said!

Spotted at a rally in Berkely, California:

Rev. Wright Is Wrong.

Just when Barack Obama thought the "Reverend Wright episode" was safely behind him, the most dis-honorable Reverend tops himself with more shrill, hysterical Marxist rhetoric.

This week the combative so-called Christian pastor made sweeping accusations that the Federal government engineered A.I.D.S. purposely to wipe out minorities. Wright also sarcastically sneered at Obama's denouncements of Wright's earlier "God Damn America" sermon. Wright says that Obama will say anything he needs to say to get elected, effectively calling him a liar. I'm no fan of Obama to be sure, but as a common citizen I believe Wright's venom toward his loyal parishioner Obama are viscious, dastardly, and uncalled for.

See the article at MSNBC. [link]

I'm aware that Obama has had a pro-Marxist background [link] with connections to the Communist Party USA, but interestingly enough I want to believe him when he says he wants to forge common ground in the center. Un-Reverend Wright, on the other hand, is only using Obama's spotlight simply to further his own bombastic moon-bat shriekings and howlings.

I have a message for Reverend Wright and his "God Damn America" sermon: If America is such a bad place for you, then go the F* back to Africa. I dare you to set up a lucrative ministry in Darfur or Zimbabwe, and try to earn the same amount of cash in your offering plate.

Allah Save Us! It's Evil Barbie!

According to an article at MSNBC [link], justice officials in Iran are extremely stressed out over the amount of Western consumer goods being smuggled into the country, especially Western toys like Barbie.

While the rest of the modern, civilized world is worried about things like, (for instance) terrorism, crime, starvation, drugs, Islamic slave trading, cowardice killings of Islamic women, high gas prices, food shortages, bank failures, mortgage forclosures, these bearded religious goons from The Dark Ages are worried about children being corrupted by Barbie and Spiderman.

The average Iranian parent on the street who struggles to make a living only wants to love his or her children and see them happy, and so naturally the demand for Western toys has fueled a thriving contraband trade.

All of this prompts me to repeat what I've said before: If we really want to combat Islamic terrorism, what we have to do is pour the fuel onto a jacked-up ideological war against religious hardliners. I say we should literally FLOOD those countries with as much Western decadence as we possibly can. We need to let the average Islamic citizen taste the fruits of freedom.

I'm hoping that the C.I.A. and other covert agencies have caught on to the idea. Through their clandestine channels we can really blast the Middle East with the Mother of all ideological wars. If Iran wants to smuggle bombs and guns into Iraq, then we should plaster the streets of Iran with Britney Spears, marijuana, and feminism (especially feminism. If Gloria Steinem wants to put her money where her mouth is, I challenge her to go campaign in Iran.)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tijuana Brass

When I say Tijuana Brass, I don't mean the famous jazz band.

I'm talking about BRASS CASINGS from box-fulls of bullets.

It seems that gun battles between rival drug criminals are as regular as the afternoon siesta in Tijuana, which lies close to the U.S. Border. Now I ask you, how can there be any more doubt we need to secure our borders? It's only a matter of time before Mexican drug violence has the entire Southwest in a complete state of anarchy. When that happens, liberals won't be able to say we didn't warn them.

Get the info in these news articles:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Say It Again, Sam.

"There's a woman on YouTube talking about her divorce. She signed a prenup, married a Broadway producer, got divorced and now she's unhappy with the settlement. When I heard this I was shocked. A Broadway producer marrying a woman?!?"

-- Craig Ferguson

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Have GOT To Get Me One Of THOSE....

Spotted at a Pro-Troops rally in front of the Berkley Ca. recruiting station.

Campaign Stickers We'll Never See.

(stolen shamelessly from -- Give 'em a vistit.)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Live From The Front Lines

Hey! Al-Qaida! Check out this video of female soldiers, standing on your "holy" soil, while they get down and get jiggy! Guess what? This Chica and Homegrrrl aren't wearing covered burqas!

Hey, Al Qaida! Here's a video that shows you just how we do it before we bomb you! Two soldiers are doin' The Mortar Shuffle.

"Protective Custody" And a Dangerous Precedent

Court proceedings descended into chaos today in the FLDS polygamy case. Read about it here: [link]

I may not agree with what FLDS church teaches, and I certainly don't condone the fact that the group has repeatedly ignored the law throughout the last century, but there are things about the state's case that really bother me.

  • Are the authorities TRULY concerned about the children, or are they on a witch hunt meant to harass a religious group they don't approve of?

  • Authorities say they acted because they "believe" the children "have been" abused or are in "imminent danger." They offer no direct physical EVIDENCE BEFORE THE FACT, other than a phone call from someone they still cannot find.

  • While INDIVIDUALS may have broken the law, why must an ENTIRE GROUPS of families be forced out of their homes and scattered hither and yon throughout the state, when most are completely innocent?

  • If the authorities can simply take people's kids away just because they have a "belief" of wrongdoing, based on an "accusation," what is there to keep them from doing this to any other groups they don't like, including even politically liberal groups?

  • The State of Texas has thousands of inner-city neighborhoods that are filled with literally millions of kids who face far greater dangers like drugs, gang violence, and neglect. Why doesn't the State of Texas spend money and time conducting mass child seizures there?

  • The Governor of Texas has signaled his readiness to spend whatever it takes to see the trial process through to the end. Those are bold words when lawyers for the children are donating their time and resources PRO BONO. What about losses incurred to their practices? What about all the services for inner city children that the state otherwise could have provided, using the money they spent on the proceedings?

Like I said, I'm not necessarily any friend of the FLDS church. I believe, however, that the actions of the State of Texas are highly unethical, and possibly even illegal as well. Regardless of how the case turns out, the affair is very similar to workings of The Gestapo, who would take people away to be put in "protective custody." Every time I hear The State of Texas claim "alleged abuse," the only words I hear are Heinrich Himmler's "protective custody."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Barack Attack.

In recent days, "Osama" Obama spoke to a group of filthy rich LIMOUSINE LIBERALS in California. He discussed the failure of previous administrations dealing with job loss in small towns of Mid-America.

Here is what he said:

"’s not surprising then, that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Well, Mr. Osama-Obama, what do LIBERALS do when they face job-losses? As a Conservative I'd rather cling to religion, than cling to Marijuana, Hippy beads, Communism, and deviant sexual lifestyles.

Mr. Osama-Obama forgets that is was LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS who sold out all of our jobs to offshoring in the '90's when they rammed N.A.F.T.A. and G.A.T.T. through Congress over the heads of millions of Americans who didn't want it. DEMOCRATS ridiculed Ross Perot when he forewarned there would be a huge sucking sound of jobs leaving the country.

Guess what -- not only was there a huge sucking sound, there was an explosive decompression that vacuumed American industry cleaner than an Oreck Upright sucking pollen out of a gas chamber on a late night info-mercial.

I believe that Mr. Obama's remarks are a case of the "pot calling the kettle black."

Imagine what would happen if McCain made a remark about welfare mammas in Da 'Hood. Democrats would scream and shriek about "stereotypes." Our Liberal media has such a double standard it's pathetic.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hello, China: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Olympic fans worldwide have been following the saga of The Torch relay in recent news. So far, every city that has hosted the relay has had to deal with protesters trying to raise awareness of China's human rights abuses.

Naturally, the potentates in Beijing are huffing and puffing, throwing tantrums like whiny children about the protests.

Special message to China: GROW UP, AND GET OVER IT -- get democracy, join the rest of the free world and acknowledge the human right of free speech. Communism and dictatorship are an anachronism from a previous century.

Every night I thank God that I live in the U.S.

Although China just loves to point out faults with America, I can rest assured that here in America I can speak freely without being thrown into jail and have torture instruments rammed into all my openings, like China does to their protesters.

I thank God that my wife has been free to bare her fourth child in peace and happiness here in America -- unlike China, where my wife and I both would have been thrown in prison, with our child forcibly aborted and my kidneys forcibly taken for sale on the black market.

While I never condone breaking the law, I will always give my praises to any person, liberal or conservative, who dares to stand up to China and their forced mass consensus.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Elliot Spitzer's New Wardrobe.

This is the same Democrat who ranted and railed about "big business abuses," while spending thousands of dollars of his INHERITED money PER NIGHT on expensive call-girls.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Crime And Punishment

U.S. District Judge Gary Fenner handed down a death sentence in Kansas City Federal Court to a woman convicted of killing a pregnant mother and taking the baby from the mother's womb. The victim had been found strangled in her home with the womb cut open.

Read the article here at CNN dotcom. [link] Anybody see a precedent here?

Communist China forcibly tears un-approved fetuses from women's wombs, often without anesthesia, often without regard for the mother's survival. What judgement are we making upon that?


According to liberals, it's OK for China to get away with that because they're a "progressive" Socialist state. If that's the case, then we can just call the convicted woman in Kansas City an "overpopulation reformer," just like liberals do when they use creative euphemisms to hide their insanity.

Now, if we can just identify Liberals while they're in the womb, then we can have them "volunteer" for "population reduction."