Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carter Plays the "Race Card"

It’s an old Liberal stand-by. Whenever you don’t get your way just start name-calling, especially if you’re a minority. If anyone disagrees with you, just call them racist.

Always irrepressable, Jimmy Carter said in a recent speech that Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Hussein’s recent address is because of “racism.” People don’t want a black president, Carter says.

Read about it here:

In his speech, Carter talks high and mighty about “sincere debate,” all the while resorting to one of the cheapest political tactics in the book: calling someone a racist simply because he disagrees with a colored politician.

Since we’re on the subject of name calling, I’ll do a little of my own – Jimmy Carter is nothing but a cheap political hack who got elected by accident, sold our country up the river like a used car salesman, and ever since the voters rejected him, he can’t keep his big fat Global Communist mouth shut.

He should go drink some beer with his brother.