Monday, May 31, 2010

Communist Link For Today

Homeless activists in Wisconsin are advocating that homeless people squat in empty foreclosed homes. They are saying the ends justify the means, and that these homes should be "liberated" for the people. Sort of like how the Soviet Union and China love to "liberate" people by shuffling them off to gulags and sell their organs on the black market.

"from each according to his ability, to each according to his need." It's the old Marxist chestnut that justifies theft in the name of the people. I see that communism is alive and well and living in the suburbs. McCarthy, it seems, was right. We have people living in America that advocate theft in the name of the people.

I follow a better political principle: "thou shalt not steal." Funny how liberals love to quote the Bible when they want to lecture at conservatives about love and tolerance. But when it comes to communist style theft of property that doesn't belong to them, they conveniently ignore the rest.

Remember Kids, Only Liberals Are Allowed Free Speech

Watch how communist choirboy Bill Maher jokes about Obama, using racial stereotypes.

Now I ask: what if a conservative commentator used the same words? The Liberal Media would be all over the conservative guy like a diaper on a baby's butt.