Thursday, February 19, 2009

You're No Lincoln

In recent speeches, President Hussein has continually waxed romantic about the historical legacy of Abraham Lincoln, desperately trying to wrap himself in Lincoln's mantle, the same way Reagan wrapped himself in the same American Flag that Pres. Hussein refuses to salute.

Pres. Hussein pointed to Lincoln's desire that Confederate veterans be forgiven and allowed to return to their farms to work in peace. Hussein said in effect we all need to be nice to one another in politics, "like Lincoln." Basically he was pointing a finger a Conservatives for working against him, implying that Conservatives should be "nice" like Lincoln and go along with Hussein's half-baked programs.

Here are some facts about Lincoln that President Hussein conveniently ignored:

  • Lincoln declared a draft, threw all draft dodgers in jail, and kept them there indefinitely without trials. This doesn't reflect proper "liberal values."
  • Lincoln did the same with public critics against the Union war effort. He also suspended Habeas Corpus in the process. Not very "liberal," either
  • Lincoln was a Republican who would never would have authorized a multi-trillion dollar pork barrel package, like President Hussein.
  • People that Lincoln said we should be nice to eventually shot and killed him anyway.
  • Lincoln authorized Gen. Sherman to burn Southern cities to the ground, with live humans dying in the flames, many of whom were black. Definitely NOT NICE, regardless of the Union cause.
President Lincoln did whatever was militarily necessary to protect the Union from attack. President Hussein is privately negotiating appeasement with terrorist nations, instead.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Socialist Waste and Corruption.

The Attorney General of North Carolina is calling Bank of America onto the carpet for paying out bonuses while it is receiving bailout funds from the government. Read about it here at Reuters. [link]

This is the whole reason I oppose Socialism with every fibre of my being. No sooner has government money been doled out, than it is now lining the pockets of corrupt cronies.

Now that we see how the bank bailout has been wasted, my question is this: since we know that medicare is a cash sinkhole, and the bank bailout is a crony festival, what makes people thing that socialized medicine is going to be any better?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Proof Is In The Pudding.

Asian investors aren't falling for the Hussein Porkbarrell Dance.

According to the Associated Press, Asian markets have fallen recently after President Hussein unveiled his stimulus plan. Like most groups of seasoned, well trained investors world wide, they are very skeptical of any plan offered by our community-basketball-organizer-turned-President.

Asian investors, who are trained in economics, finance, and the school of hard knocks, can smell a rat when they see it.

Wall street also fell on the unveiling of the plan, which shows that at least a FEW investors there have some smarts to recognize a boondoggle when they see it.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Gospel According to Ron.

"Government always finds a need for whatever money it gets......Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them." -- Reagan

Monday, February 02, 2009

$120,000? Oops. Didn't See That.

Senate Democrat Tom Daschle understated his taxes in the past by at least $120,000. This from a guy who sits on Senate committees that oversee the IRS.

Conflict of interest? According to the Demc-Rats, none at all.

Now President Hussein wants to make him the Health Secretary (Associated Press). When Senate G.O.P. members called Daschle to account, his basic response is "it was a mistake. Nobody's perfect." I'm no senator, but my elementary school math is good enough to tell me when my calculations are off by $120,000.

This is the same legislator who crusaded in '98 for "no mercy" prosecution of tax-cheats (Breitbart TV). It seems that bathroom gay Republicans aren't the only HYPOCRITES. The 'Pubs just wanna have fun, while the Dems want to legally crucify people for doing what Dems routinely get away with.

So, does that mean if I cheat on $120,000 worth of taxes, I can get away with saying "oops?" Probably not. I'd get locked up in Ft. Leavenworth faster than you can say "Montana cult-compound."

President Hussein is still firmly intent on appointing Daschle as Health Secretary. It's a throwback to the days when President Bubba got caught playing with cigars, and all the DemonRats shouted "character doesn't count!"

President Michelle Makes Tour

Picking up where President Hillary left off during Bubba's reign, President Michelle Obama has set out on a "listening tour" of government departments, stumping up support for Vice President Barack's legislative agenda.

She just recently spoke with the Department of Education, and says she plans to visit other departments in the following months. Read about it at Yahoo News. Fairly soon, I'm sure we can expect President Michelle to announce her own cabinet picks.

In other recent news, conservative bloggers have started to call for "seperation of spouse and state."

We're Now Pinker Than The French.

A recent article by the International Herald Tribune mentions how people in France are bugging their government to issue pork barrel spending "Just like Obama in America." So far the president of France has refused.

This means that President Hussein's election truly IS historic -- we are now more socialist than the French are! Who would have thought there would be a day when we would out-socialist the French, such that they would want to follow us?

I wouldn't be surprised if statues of Robespierre started popping up around Washington D.C. before long.