Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Good Ole Kommie Kerry

Whatever he may have done with his service in Vietnam, he has disgraced it now with his Liberal Left Wing Psycho Communism. Kerry should have just stayed in Vietnam and become a barking MoonBat on the payroll of Hanoi.

Kerry insulted our troops recently, saying that if you don't do good in school, you join the military and you "get stuck in Iraq." Worse than that, he refuses to apologize for the statement. If he thinks he can court any waivering Republican swing votes for his cronies with that rhetoric, he is sadly mistaken.

I don't care what kind of veteran he is. JOHN KERRY IS A TRAITOR AND A STAIN ON OUR FLAG. It's like I've said all along -- the Democrat Party Symbol is still a jack-ass.

Featured Conserva-Babe.

Friends, I just realized that I haven't posted about a Conserva-Babe in quite a long time. Let me catch up!

Most every conservative in the Blog-O-Sphere is familiar with Michelle Malkin, but I need to give her a tip-O-the-hat and some greatly deserved kudos. Mz. Malkin is one of the best -- she's smart as a whip, sharp as a tack, and she's been blogging seriously for a good while. She gets millions of page hits per week, meaning she has staying power and drawing power, both of which are precious commodities on the 'Net.

I also admire her measured tone and her ability to get down to the brass tacks in an issue. Hot-heads like me could learn a thing or two from her. So here's to the Divine Mz. "M."

May she keep the Conservative banner waving for years to come.

I Just Love "Blurfing."

This evening I've been blog-surfing through several conservative sites ("blurfing," in techno-speak). I came across a really cool quote, condemning the Defeatocrats, Peace Pussies, and Surrender Weanies:
"I think the politics of it is disastrous for the Democratic Party, because every time they stand up they whine that some poor, little jihadist is having to have Christina Aguilera played to him really loudly, which, to be honest, I wouldn't want. But every time the Democrats stand up for the cause of that, they identify themselves, in crude political terms, as the weak party, the spineless party, the supine party, and that didn't work for them in 2002 and 2004. And there's no reason to expect that to change next year." -- Hugh Hewitt.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

Oooh! This Is Too Good.

It seems that even Islamic preachers are not immune from scandal.

A cleric by the name of Cuppeli Ahmet Hoca got caught with his pants down (almost literally). He preaches against furniture, TV's, fashion, and educating girls. He bans co-ed swimming.

Turkish newspapers have revealed the existence of videos showing him swimming in four star hotel pools with women in bikinis, and wearing expensive designer clothes and luxurious jewelry. His wife apparently has caught on to Western ways, and demands that she not be subjected to cheap clothes.

Maybe she should get make-up tips from Tammy Faye Baker.

Read the article at Asia Times Online. [link]

There's A New Catch-Phrase.

It used to be that the standard answer to any Moon-Bat celebrity and their barking was "shut up and sing."

Now that the Dixie Chucks have used that phrase to title their own Defeatocrat Peace Pussie propoganda film, I believe a new catch-phrase is in order.


By the way -- is it just me or does Natalie Maines look like Phyllis Diller on Botox?

Barbarians At The Gates.

History repeats itself.

Ancient Rome became weak, spoiled, and filled with "defeat-crats" and welfare hand-out politics. Citizens did everything they could to dodge service in the military, and soon their was no-one left to fight. As a result, when the Goths, Visigoths, Mongols, and Vandals appeared at the gates in various stages of Rome's decline, the Romans were TOO WEAK TO DEFEND THEMSELVES. Rome got sacked.

See a familiar pattern?

American society is going down the same path to destruction. While the Left Wing Traitor Defeatocrat Liberal Peace-Pussies are hampering our ability to defend ourselves, Islamic terorrism is alive, well, and gaining strength in the suburbs. For example: Jihadis are very highly computer literate, and they use the Internet to organize, recruit, and spread their messages of Anti-Western hate speech as far and wide as possible.

See the article at BBC News [link] that discusses online Jihadism.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Islamic Hate Speech.

Recently I mentioned how Google censored blogs and sites that criticised Islam. Google insisted they were "hate speech."

Here's a blog entry I think you'll be interested in: "Ok for Muslims to incite violence" [link]

The article shows a quote from an Islamic book that demands violence upon non-Muslims. Now tell me -- how on earth can this be anything having to do with peace? I'm so tired of Liberal Socialist Moonbat Whining Weanies trying to defend the rights of Islam, when Islam "as a whole" is an enemy to world peace.

One thing I guarantee -- if an Islamist does anything to harm anybody here in The Midwest, there are plenty of people here who will make sure he is buried face down pointing South, with pork sausage stuffed where the sun don't shine. Some people here would think nothing of spreading bacon grease and vodka all over a mosque, if they don't succeed in burning it down first.

Here in The MidWest we still fly The Gadsden Flag, we still protect ourselves and our kin. We don't take kindly to East Coast Liberal Pussy traitors who tell us we should endure Islamic violence lying down.

Oops. Was that hate speech? Shucks.

Friday, October 27, 2006

More Liberal Hypocrisy.

Recently, Google has been censoring Conservative news sites. [link] Anybody that speaks critically of Islam in their commentary is judged by Google to be making "hate speech."

While they're doing that, they allow things like a "Google Bomb" [link] that produce results declaring President Bush and other conservative figures to be "A--holes."

Of course, anything a Liberal says is free speech, while anything a Conservative says is hate speech. What we need are more web companies who aren't filled up to the gills with Liberal whackos. When all is said and done, the Democrat Party symbol is still a jack-ass.

Those Who Don't Learn The Lessons Of History...

Here's a couple of facts we've learned:
  1. The Prohibition failed to eliminate booze.
  2. The War on Drugs has failed to eliminate dope.
  3. Gun Control laws have failed to eliminate crime.
  4. Imperial weapon bans in ancient Japan were flouted by peasants who practiced martial arts with improvised weapons.
  5. Despite gun bans in Germany, underground partisans still got their hands on weapons shipped in by the Allies.
Case in point: studies in Australia show that stricter gun laws there have failed to do any good.


Why don't the bleeding heart Liberals get it? GUN CONTROL DOES NOT WORK. It never has, and it never will.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Which Is Better? Red Tape, Or A Life Saved?

The Liberal media and Socialist watchdog groups are all a-gog and wound-uppity about Madonna's adoption of an ailing child from Africa.

See the article at Yahoo! News. [link]

When she took the child in, he was about to die of pneumonia, and most of his family was already dead. Basically, she saved his life.

The issue with the Socialist Bozos is that she didn't navigate the mounds and mounds of red tape properly. For that, these robots with stones for hearts want to send the child back to Africa, where he most likely will be at risk again to die. All in the name of the integrety of "the system."

I'm no fan of Madonna by any means, but sometimes Socialist lunacy just makes me want to puke.

Los Alamos Documents Found In Trailer Park.

Authorities in New Mexico found classified documents in the posession of a Meth dealer.

Read the Yahoo! News article here. [link]

Let's think for a minute: if our nuclear secrets can end up in the hands of a simple, unsophisticated drug dealer, who else with a highly professional spy program can get their hands on our stuff? To answer that we can say: damn near anybody!

This sends a message to all foreign powers that instead of bribing our traitors with large sums of money, all they need to do is get a homey with his 'gats to roll up in his pimped-out ride, flash a little bling bling, and open up a drug dealership in the parking lots of all our high security installations. For a couple of grams of jack, they can get their hands on anything they want.

I've asked it once before -- why don't we get it over with and quit pretending we have any real security in this country. Let's just hand out our secrets to any Tom, Dick, and Harry that wants it. That will save time and money spent on worthless counter-intelligence agents.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Evil Smurfs Turn 48 Today.

I knew it all along! Smurfs are Communist! Here are links with more details:

When I was a kid, I always wondered what those cartoons were doing to my brain whilst munching Smurfberry cereal on Saturday mornings in front of the T.V. set. They were preparing me to accept Communism! Luckily, I grew up and by the Grace of God I saw the light while watching Wally George and Mort Downey Jr.

(this post is only parody, and not meant to be construed as actual political commentary -- but then again....)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hmmm...Never Thought of That...

"Declassified papers report that John Kennedy was taking eight different medications a day. He was so wasted, his Secret Service code name was Ted Kennedy." —Craig Kilborn

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shut The &@#! Up, Barbara.

Is it just me, or does "La Babs" look alot like Nathan Lane in drag?

By now everyone is familiar with the epithet Barbara Streisand shouted at a right-wing heckler during a recent concert. I consider it proof that Liberals only want free speech for themselves and no one else, and they can't tolerate dissent. Typical, typical.

A friend of mine once commented "she says she's married, but I wonder whether or not she's a closet doughnut bumper?"

The world may never know.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Defenders of Truth, Freedom, and American Food.

In an earlier post I ranted about liberal moonbat food-activists. In this post I'll show that there is hope.

Let me interest you in The Center For Consumer Freedom.[link]

Moonbat liberals accuse them of being corporate shills for the food industry, but the truth is that people who earn a living from food have banded together to protect themselves from the "green terrorism" of the moonbat food-activists. If it were my own livelihood on the line, I'd protect it from smear campaigns and junk science, too. It's the Capitalist way.

I'm not a coporation, but I'm a consumer who defends his food rights. I endorse and advocate helping the food companies protect themselves, because in doing so I'm protecting MYSELF.

I support The Center For Consumer Freedom, though they be corporate, because I don't want there to be a day when I get thrown in jail by P.E.T.A. agents for having a barbecue. I don't want my children brought up on charges for buying soda. I don't want a federal judge to accuse me of tax-evasion because I refused to pay a "fat-tax" on my fast food.

Either we help this group, or we face being tried and jailed by Liberal Moonbat food cops.

Get Your Laws Out Of My Dinnerplate, Commradeski.

It's a Liberal Moonbat technique as old as the hills.

Find a moral high-ground, then use it to cloak your agenda for increased regulation, and bigger socialist government.

Then main goal of Socialism is government control of all means of production, all industry, and all finance. Environmental laws grant government many, many avenues to use for control of entire industries. If a government doesn't like your company, they can use evironment laws to shut you down. If a goverment wants your company to conform to socialist policy of any kind, they can use environment regulation to threaten a shutdown.

The latest salvo in the barrage of socialist attack on the freedom of private industry is food. The vanguard of this socialist assualt on freedom is The Center for Science in the Public Interest. This group takes it upon themselves to dictate to the rest of society how they think we should live. Routinely they lobby the government for changes in policy on food, such as regulating salt as if it were a toxic chemical.

I'm serious. These people want plain old salt to be regulated as a toxic chemical. [link] It may be true that salt can have a negative impact on health when used improperly, but these people care more about government regulation than they do about public health.

The real kicker is that these are the same people who tell the government to stay out of women's wombs, they say that patients have the right to kill themselves, but heaven forbid we should all have too much salt.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Evironmental" President Grants Exemptions for Toxins.

Ok, folks. I'm going to be a moon-bat today.

The truth is, this post involves AREA 51.

Yes, that's right, area 51. You know, the stuff of every conspiracy nerd's dreams.

Here's the deal. Former employees sued the government a few years ago about injuries they sustained while working with toxic substances at area 51. Here's the kicker -- President Clinton, the so called champion of environmentalism, signed an executive order granting to area 51 exemption from EPA reporting requirements. National security was the lame excuse.

It's all on public record in the Federal court system. Read about it in this Wikipedia article. I came across it during my usual perusing of conspiracy theory websites.

Personally I don't give chicken scratch about environmental laws, but the fact that Mr. Democrat Tree-hugger President Bill Clinton exempted the Air Force from consequences of poisoning their workers. But then again, maybe Monica signed the order for him when he wasn't looking.