Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shrieking California Moonbats.

Hollyweird Celebrity Moonbats are all jumping on the bandwagon crying and moaning on the talk show circuit that global warming is to blame for recent fires in California. George Carlin went so far as to say that because we are out of balance with nature, we are being punished.

Authorities announced today that *ARSON* is the cause for California fires.

I'm willing to bet all the shrieking Moonbats are going to say that global warming influenced the brain of the arsonist, causing him to set the fires. George Carlin will probably try to tell us he was possessed by a nature spirit. Well, maybe global warming is influencing my brain when I give these Hollyweird liberals the finger.

English Moonbattishness

A motorist in Scotland committed the dastardly evil crime of revving the engine in his sports car while two Muslims were nearby. Authorities jailed him and fined him for revving his engine in a "racist manner."

All I can say to this insanity is "What The F*?"

Folks, it won't be long before someone comes to jail me for "operating a blog in a racist manner." Maybe they'll jail me for scratching my @#$ in a racist manner. If they actually do such a thing, then while they carry me away I'll be guilty of "giving them the finger in a racist manner."

Only Liberal Moonbats in Europe could ever perpetrate such asinine nonsense.

Here's the article, if you don't believe me:

Moonie Clooney -- At 46, He's Still Got It.

George Clooney evidently seems to have no lack in the "motion of the ocean" department.

Check out this picture of his "love cushion," like the kind you can order on the internet for $149 or so, to aid in creative penetration angles.

(photo shamelessly stolen from

Sacred Jihadi Music

Here's a video of a guy who loves to sing for his salvation.

Emotional Language.

Congress recently passed legislation about socialized health care, supposedly "for the children." Whenever Republicans spoke out against the legislation on financial or administrative grounds, Democrat moon-bats shrieked that opponents of the bill were "anti-children."

It's a typical liberal tactic -- whenever they cannot succeed by merit of the facts, they resort to emotional attack. If Democrats are truly interested in helping children, they should stop aborting them, instead of burdening middle class parents with more taxes to fund pork-barrel programs.

Another example of liberal schizophrenia. They murder the unborn, then they want to tax the hell out of the country to fund wasteful bureaucracies for kids who actually do get born.


Heard It By The Water Cooler...

"Former 'Law & Order' star Fred Thompson appeared in his first presidential debate last night. Political experts called him 'uneven, flat, and dull.' In other words, Thompson was the highlight of the debate."

-- Conan O'Brien


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hell Yes -- Blood For Oil.

The real reason we fought the British was to break free of unlawful and burdensome taxes.

We fought the British again in 1812 because they kept stealing our sailors and ships.

We fought the Civil War to free slaves. Whether we like to admit it or not, that war crippled and destroyed the South and provided legions of cheap labor for factories in the North. For all their talk of freedom for the slaves, Northern states continued to oppress blacks with substandard working conditions and poor wages.

The real reason we fought Hitler is because he kept destroying our Atlantic shipping, and cut us off from European financial markets.

The real reason we fought Japan is because Pearl Harbor showed us they can destroy our Pacific Rim trade in oil, minerals, and rubber.

Some say the real reason we fought in Korea and Vietnam was to protect oil, mining, manufacturing, and rubber.

Since we have fought wars in the past because of trade, why should it be any problem then that we are in Iraq to secure stability in the Middle East, an oil producing region?

It never ceases to amaze me how liberal moonbats shriek "no blood for oil," when almost every war we have fought in our nation's history has had an economic foundation. Then the liberal moonbats take the freeway on the way home, one driver per car and no carpooling. They love to fly noisy, smog pumping airplanes to Washington to vote in Congress against the war in Iraq, shrieking "no blood for oil."

Call me a realist. I feel no shame in declaring "Hell Yeah -- defend the oil!" What is vital to the security and safety of the United States is worth what it costs to defend. Liberals on the other hand, want to enjoy all the benefits of modern petroleum use, but don't want to pay the price.

Say It Again, Sam.

One of my favorite shrieking moonbats of all time, Sam Kinison from the 80's, did a comic routine about African starvation wondering why people didn't leave the desert and go where the food is. [link]

While I could do without the bad language, that routine cracks me up every time.

Recent headlines have been showing the disastrous fires in Southern California. News outlets have been showing videos of homeowners weeping about the loss of their houses. Considering the fact that Southern California is a constant fire zone, it just amazes me that these people act like they didn't expect to lose their houses.

I'm curious as to what Sam Kinison would say about such idiocy.

"If you don't want to loose your houses, don't build them next to a @#$%! fire zone! auauauaugggghhhhhh! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Stupiiiiiiiiid!"

More Shreiking From Chinese Moonbats.

Mattel recently recalled Chinese-made toys because of excessive lead levels. Always conscious of their propaganda image, China has started spitting out accusations about American products, accusations which are highly doubtful and inconsequential. Rather than express concern for the health of the millions of children likely to be harmed by their poisonous products, they care more about their bright, cheery, rosy-cheeked worker portraits in their fancy Maoist propaganda posters.

Poisonous China Toys, article at Reuters. [link]

The lead in the products was 200 times the legal limit. They accuse us of nit-picking. Dead children are not a nit-pick, if you ask me. Of course, how dare we question their glorious Socialist State?

Whether or not it's nit-picking, China still has to learn the simple fact that if one wishes to do business with Capitalist nations, one must follow a cardinal capitalist rule: The Customer is Always Right. If China wishes to continue taking Western customer's money, they must satisfy their customers and give them what they want. The old socialist "take it or leave it" attitude won't fly with Western customers.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A New Link for My Blogroll.

When you get a chance, hop on over to view "Red. S. Tater" and gander at his conserva-blog:

He's a fellow "Ann" fan.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Weanies Not Allowed.

"In war you cannot afford the luxury of squeamishness. Either you kill or capture, or you will be captured or killed. We've got to be tough to win, and we've got to be ruthless....tougher and more ruthless than our enemies."

W.E. Fairbairn, 1942.

Since we are dealing with an enemy willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for slitting the throats of Scandinavian cartoon artists, the quotation above is what I believe we should have as an outlook.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One For The Masses -- Berlin, 1945

Chinese Media Piracy

Yeah! What HE said....

Special note for the Chinese Communist Party:

"I believe the highest aspiration of man should be individual freedom and the development of the individual." -- Ronald Reagan

Scientific Moonbat Socialism.

Let me quote to you from Chinese President Hu Jintao's "8 honors, 8 disgraces" doctrine:

"Follow science, discard superstition and ignorance."

Now... (I'm not making this up) according to the April 19, 2007 edition of Shenzhen Evening News, there are fifteen key points according to the World Health Organisation about cancer prevention:

#3 is "Don't drink alcohol"
#4 is "Don't smoke tobacco"
#11 is "Don't smoke tobacco and drink alcohol at the same time."
#7 is "Don't use laundry detergent to wash your eating and drinking utensils or your food."

Most astonishing of all is Item #15: "Any male adult or child whose reproductive organ is excessively long should cut it off immediately in order to prevent the growth of cancer."


Maybe if they just washed their penis in detergent like the spoons in #7, they'd be alright. Or maybe they shouldn't do it at the same time while smoking. No wonder Asians have such short penises. Doesn't sound like any kind of Western Science that I'm aware of. I'm interested to see what other interesting "scientific" gems they follow over there.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So Called "Islamic Peace" #18

A while back the Islamic world was wiggling, writhing, foaming at the mouth and gnashing their teeth over cartoons in a Swedish newspaper showing Mohammed. All sorts of protests erupted everywhere, and every Islamic cleric who was anybody of note pronounced a death fatwa upon the artist who drew the pictures.

Being they brilliant thinkers that they are, I'm sure they don't realize that the protests only drew attention to the very cartoons they don't want seen -- the images were plastered high and low all over the internet. One can easily the find them. Well, DUH. What else did they think would happen?

Here's a link to a CNN article that mentions the death threats and harassment the artist has received. Al-Qaida promise a hefty reward for his death, and they added an extra sum to the offer if the artist's throat is slit, just to sweeten the deal. Messages from all over still come in for the artist, telling him that he shall be slaughtered "in the name of Allah."

Yes folks, that sure sounds like a "peaceful" religion to me....(not).

Of course the shrieking moonbats of Mecca moon-rock worship whine and say "how would you like it if somebody desecrated Christian holy things?" My reply is that they already have. There are many Christians who feel that the very presence of Islam upon the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a gross insult to Jehova-God. They believe that Muslim feet profane that holy place.

Be that as it may, you don't see me out in the streets and causing mayhem over it. I believe that Jehova himself will deal justice in his own due time. In the mean time, like most Christians, I focus on mundane things like earning a living, paying the bills, and being a peaceable citizen in the Global Community.

That, and I refuse to bow to any religion still stuck in the Dark Ages, a religion that slits people's throats. Not gonna do it, never gonna happen. NEVER.

Monday, October 15, 2007

China Says They Won't Copy Democracy

In the latest party congress, Chinese Communist leaders say they won't be copying Western Democracy any time soon.

THAT'S A REAL SHAME, BECAUSE THEY'VE COPIED EVERYTHING ELSE FROM US, such as most of our top secret military technology through their vast network of spies that liberal activists love to protect in their frivolous court cases.

I GUESS THEY DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP PROFITS FROM THE HUMAN ORGAN TRADE. They say they've cleaned that up, but if you believe that, I have a piece of swamp land in Florida I want to sell you.

The vast Chinese nation is a slumbering economic giant, even now after their modest reforms. Once they cast off the shackles of communism, be prepared for them to take over the world economic stage. As long as they continue to cling desperately to a hopelessly outdated political system like communism, they're just going to have to get by with far less than their potential.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Congress Honors Dalai Lama, China Whines Like Babies

I really just don't understand Communist China.

They have the largest land army on earth, in addition to all their missiles, tanks, and planes. They really should have nothing to fear. Yet, for some reason, Sino-Communist leaders live with a mortal fear of philosophers, poets, journalists, and religious leaders. The glorious, mighty Chinese state is childishly afraid of a handful of people who carry no guns, people whose only weapon is their words.

Chinese Communists have an infantile fear of words, like a child fears shadows in the night. When they face ideas they don't want their people to hear, they shriek like moon-bats. I refuse to recognize their arrogant belief they have authority to tell me what to believe about their own dissidents. In America, I have that freedom. If China does not like that, they can go to hell, and face the millions of people they've slaughtered through their history.

The United States Congress has chosen to honor His Excellence The Dalai Lama with an award. Communist China is shrieking and crying loudly in protest. They fear the Dalai Lama, a man who carries no guns, whose followers also carry none, either. "Don't use the Dalai Lama to interfere with our internal affairs!" they whine, like petulant children.

Bush Honors Dalai Lama. [link]

China should think for a moment. It is THEY who are using him to interfere with AMERICAN internal affairs. An act of the United States Congress is none of China's business. The Dalai Lama does not live inside China proper, he lives at large in the international community, so he is out of their jurisdiction. They have no legal authority over him.

China needs to understand that Western nations have the freedom to choose who they will listen to, a right that China refuses to give to their own people. They think we should follow. In this they are sadly deluded and sadly mistaken. If China wishes to earn Western money in return for their cheaply made and poison-tainted factory goods, then they would do well to follow the desires of Western people who are paying them the money.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

W.W.H.D? (what would Hillary do?)

Hillary says she wants to shield science from politics. What she really means is from conservative politics. Here's an item that I would be very interested in hearing what she would do if she were a law maker facing this issue:

A mother in London is trying have doctors give her severely disabled daughter a hysterectomy, to shield her from the pains of menstruation. She says the daughter not capable of comprehending what is happening to her when it occurs.

A charity for the disabled is challenging that decision on legal grounds, saying that it could set a dangerous precedent. They say the girl is being denied her reproductive rights. Read the story here. [link]

Definitely a bombshell issue. I'm curious to see what Hillary would do.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Liberal Schizophrenia

We all know how liberals are rarely of one mind about things.

Take for instance an earlier post on this blog, mentioning Hilary and her desire to "shield science from politics." What she really means is shielding them from conservative politics. When liberal terrorist groups like P.E.T.A. and Earth First! attack science over animal testing and toxic lab waste, it is a cause celebre (of course, that's different, they say.)

Here's the latest in liberal double minded schizophrenia. Richard Dawkins, leftist pundit for the U.K. Guardian had this to say about JEWS.
When you think about how fantastically successful the Jewish lobby has been, though, in fact, they are less numerous I am told - religious Jews anyway - than atheists and [yet they] more or less monopolise American foreign policy as far as many people can see. So if atheists could achieve a small fraction of that influence, the world would be a better place.
This is an example of a certain seething anti-semitism that circulates amongst the liberal currents of post-911 anti-establishment defeat-o-crat treason. The very people who used to holler and shrill about civil rights and the need to remember The Haulocaust are the same ones who have the brass to say America deserved 911 because of our support for Isreal against the Palestinians.

Read the article here:

The Free Republic has a nice article explaining how anti-semitism has been circulating around our liberal college campuses, and is now fashionable amongst the liberal (so-called) intelligentsia. Read the article here:

Sheldon Drobny of The Huffington Post gives a nice discussion in his article, and has this to say, here:
The permanent members of the U.N. Security Council are the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, and France. At this very moment, all five countries are responsible for more civilian deaths and human rights violations than Israel. Furthermore, "freedom loving" Saudi Arabia has one the harshest regimes in the world against its own people. This comes from its founder Ibn Saud who was a Nazi supporter. Unfortunately the U.S. was in need of his oil and FDR gave him free reign in the region as long as he kept providing the West with oil.

All you have to do is "Google" the term "liberal anti semitism," and you'll find all sorts of material on the subject, showing how pervasive it is now.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Too Bad He's Not An Expert At Feeding His People.

During recent talks with South Korean leaders, North Korean Communist dictator Kim Jong Il refered to himself as an "internet expert."

You'd think that with such expertise he would be able to provide electricity, plumbing, and food for his people, who sorely lack all three still in may areas of the country.

But then again, I'm not an expert.

Chick Fight In Congressional Hall.

"Things get heated as Sharyl Attkisson tracks down Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio, to question her about a $2 million earmark benefiting paint company Sherwin Williams..."

I guess you can bring the politician out of a "SISTAH," but you can't take the "SISTAH" out of the politician. The reporter should know that you don't get into a SISTAH'S face without risking your safety. Especially if the SISTAH is a Democrat congress-person who just arranged a cushy deal for a constituent.

[click picture for video]

Friday, October 05, 2007

Gospel According to St. Ann

"Not all Democrats in the military are phony soldiers, but most phony soldiers in the military seem to be Democrats..."

-- ann coulter

Thursday, October 04, 2007

What's Good For The Goose...

Hillary says that she will shield Science from politics. [link]

Since far too many politicians rely on global warming pseudo-science, maybe that's a good thing. We should keep the global warming crack-pots away from our policy-making. That's one of the best ideas I've heard yet.

There is just one problem. What about ETHICS? Politics is the only force capable of making sure that Science is governed by ethical standards. What happens when you give scientists total freedom from right and wrong? You get Frankenstein. You get Auschwitz.

What about all the Democrat efforts to ban live animal research? Is that not political? What about all the attacks by liberal groups like P.E.T.A. and Earth First upon scientists and facilities? Is that not political?

If Hilary were to follow her logic to its conclusion, we have to allow live animal research, and we must give scientists police protection from liberal activists and eco-terrorists.

Oh, wait. I'm confused, now.

MoonBat George Soros, Scribe and Pharisee.

"Wo unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You swallow camels and strain at gnats."

Here's a nice little article about George Soros, the "non-self-respective Judaic person" (or self-hating Jew)

The Sorry Tale of George Soros. [link]

Liberals always whine and cry about special interest money going to Republicans in their campaigns. What does that make the millions of dollars that Soros funnels into liberal organizations?

Liberals always whine about how rich people do all they can to dodge taxes. When was the last time a third party seriously audited Soros' books? What about the army of attorneys and accountants who work for him? Just how philanthropic are they?

Mr. Soros is afflicted with what I call "Dixie Chick" syndrome. It's a mental illness where a person thinks that their fame or fortune qualifies them as a political expert.

I tip my hat to Mr. Soros' business acumen. I only wish I could amass a fortune as sizeable as his. Unlike the Liberals, though, I refuse to believe that his money makes him any kind of expert in American political policy. His money only makes his mouth larger and his voice louder. He is no more an expert at political policy than the average American voter he is attempting to buy off at the ballot box.

I sincerely hope that Republicans will wake up and see how they are loosing ground to arrogant hacks like Soros. The Democrats are crafting detailed game plans for the next elections. They intend to make full use of anything critical they can find about the Republican cause. George Soros is giving them plenty of advice.

All we need is for Republicans to get their heads out of the public restrooms and the cathedral love-dens, get their act together, and defeat foreigners who adversely effect our domestic policies.

A Tale Of Two Terrorists.

The United States has officially designated Al-Qaida as a terrorist organization. Communist China has officially labeled Falun Gong as a terrorist organization. One group blows up things like The World Trade Center, grinding 3000 people into hamburger, while the other group does things like...well you know, terribly evil stuff like exercising in the morning and eating special herbs. Bet you can't guess which group is which.

The eternally whining Left defeat-o-crats have long moaned about U.S. torture practices upon Al Qaida prisoners. Yet the same liberal media is thunderously silent about the Chinese torture practices upon Falun Gong prisoners. Eye-witness testimony from refugees and escapees tell of in-human horrors you'd expect to see in Hollywood slasher movies, perpetrated in real life by Chinese guards, hidden in secret Chinese gulags buried deep within the country's interior deserts.

Americans fear Al-Qaida because they kill and destroy. China fears Falun Gong because they exercise, eat vegetables, and ignore the establishment. One group might possibly deserve torture, the other does not.

Which do you think Liberals are going to pay attention to the most? If the Liberal media truly was all that concerned about torture, in and of itself, they would be all over the Chinese abuses. Yet they ignore it.

Liberals don't truly give a single damn about human rights or any other just cause, other than how it will serve their purpose of defeatism and treason. What the Liberals really want is to fight the American establishment. They want to buck the system. That's all they care about.

That, my friends, makes them no better than the establishment they criticize.