Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Shreiking From Chinese Moonbats.

Mattel recently recalled Chinese-made toys because of excessive lead levels. Always conscious of their propaganda image, China has started spitting out accusations about American products, accusations which are highly doubtful and inconsequential. Rather than express concern for the health of the millions of children likely to be harmed by their poisonous products, they care more about their bright, cheery, rosy-cheeked worker portraits in their fancy Maoist propaganda posters.

Poisonous China Toys, article at Reuters. [link]

The lead in the products was 200 times the legal limit. They accuse us of nit-picking. Dead children are not a nit-pick, if you ask me. Of course, how dare we question their glorious Socialist State?

Whether or not it's nit-picking, China still has to learn the simple fact that if one wishes to do business with Capitalist nations, one must follow a cardinal capitalist rule: The Customer is Always Right. If China wishes to continue taking Western customer's money, they must satisfy their customers and give them what they want. The old socialist "take it or leave it" attitude won't fly with Western customers.

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