Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So Called "Islamic Peace" #18

A while back the Islamic world was wiggling, writhing, foaming at the mouth and gnashing their teeth over cartoons in a Swedish newspaper showing Mohammed. All sorts of protests erupted everywhere, and every Islamic cleric who was anybody of note pronounced a death fatwa upon the artist who drew the pictures.

Being they brilliant thinkers that they are, I'm sure they don't realize that the protests only drew attention to the very cartoons they don't want seen -- the images were plastered high and low all over the internet. One can easily the find them. Well, DUH. What else did they think would happen?

Here's a link to a CNN article that mentions the death threats and harassment the artist has received. Al-Qaida promise a hefty reward for his death, and they added an extra sum to the offer if the artist's throat is slit, just to sweeten the deal. Messages from all over still come in for the artist, telling him that he shall be slaughtered "in the name of Allah."


Yes folks, that sure sounds like a "peaceful" religion to me....(not).

Of course the shrieking moonbats of Mecca moon-rock worship whine and say "how would you like it if somebody desecrated Christian holy things?" My reply is that they already have. There are many Christians who feel that the very presence of Islam upon the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a gross insult to Jehova-God. They believe that Muslim feet profane that holy place.

Be that as it may, you don't see me out in the streets and causing mayhem over it. I believe that Jehova himself will deal justice in his own due time. In the mean time, like most Christians, I focus on mundane things like earning a living, paying the bills, and being a peaceable citizen in the Global Community.

That, and I refuse to bow to any religion still stuck in the Dark Ages, a religion that slits people's throats. Not gonna do it, never gonna happen. NEVER.

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