Thursday, October 25, 2007

English Moonbattishness

A motorist in Scotland committed the dastardly evil crime of revving the engine in his sports car while two Muslims were nearby. Authorities jailed him and fined him for revving his engine in a "racist manner."

All I can say to this insanity is "What The F*?"

Folks, it won't be long before someone comes to jail me for "operating a blog in a racist manner." Maybe they'll jail me for scratching my @#$ in a racist manner. If they actually do such a thing, then while they carry me away I'll be guilty of "giving them the finger in a racist manner."

Only Liberal Moonbats in Europe could ever perpetrate such asinine nonsense.

Here's the article, if you don't believe me:

1 comment:

Red S Tater said...

Does my dragster make racist noises too? ...ohhh darn, no wonder they call them "race" cars.

keep up the great posts, satire, sarcasm and humor...with truth.

good stuff maynard.