Saturday, October 13, 2007

Congress Honors Dalai Lama, China Whines Like Babies

I really just don't understand Communist China.

They have the largest land army on earth, in addition to all their missiles, tanks, and planes. They really should have nothing to fear. Yet, for some reason, Sino-Communist leaders live with a mortal fear of philosophers, poets, journalists, and religious leaders. The glorious, mighty Chinese state is childishly afraid of a handful of people who carry no guns, people whose only weapon is their words.

Chinese Communists have an infantile fear of words, like a child fears shadows in the night. When they face ideas they don't want their people to hear, they shriek like moon-bats. I refuse to recognize their arrogant belief they have authority to tell me what to believe about their own dissidents. In America, I have that freedom. If China does not like that, they can go to hell, and face the millions of people they've slaughtered through their history.

The United States Congress has chosen to honor His Excellence The Dalai Lama with an award. Communist China is shrieking and crying loudly in protest. They fear the Dalai Lama, a man who carries no guns, whose followers also carry none, either. "Don't use the Dalai Lama to interfere with our internal affairs!" they whine, like petulant children.

Bush Honors Dalai Lama. [link]

China should think for a moment. It is THEY who are using him to interfere with AMERICAN internal affairs. An act of the United States Congress is none of China's business. The Dalai Lama does not live inside China proper, he lives at large in the international community, so he is out of their jurisdiction. They have no legal authority over him.

China needs to understand that Western nations have the freedom to choose who they will listen to, a right that China refuses to give to their own people. They think we should follow. In this they are sadly deluded and sadly mistaken. If China wishes to earn Western money in return for their cheaply made and poison-tainted factory goods, then they would do well to follow the desires of Western people who are paying them the money.

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