Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yeah. What She Said.

I admit that since I'm not a New Yorker I may not be very qualified to comment on the "Ground Zero Mosque" debate that's all the rage right now. The debate is going back and forth so rapidly it's not easy to keep up.

From what I understand lately, supporters of the mosque are appealing to none other than George W. Bush for help in their cause. Yep, the very same person that these people used to call a war criminal and all around greedy capitalist, is now the man they want to help them get the mosque approved.

In addition to that, a commissioner who opposed a Wal-Mart, to be built on private property, now wants the mosque built in the same city. The mosque is planned and financed by wealthy real estate developers, which I thought was supposed to be a bad thing to liberals.

Anyway, what I suggest is that readers go to Michelle Malkin's blog, where there is plenty of excellent conservative material discussing the matter, far better than anything I could ever produce here.

Of course, there is the usual chorus of "racial intolerance!" This has nothing to do with race, regardless of what liberals say. They're always playing the race card. Got a hang-nail? It's because of "conservative racism." This has everything to do with the citizens of New York who use their freedom of speech to chose in public votes what building they want to go up or not.

Keith Olberman weighed in on the subject, saying that it will only be a muslim prayer room built on top of a culinary school, basketball courts, and a community center. He mocked conservative opponents, saying they're afraid of a bunch of Muslim chefs. Well then, how about we build a Christian cathedral a couple of blocks over from where the Kaaba Stone stands in Mecca? Bet you can guess what kind of reaction that would generate. You'll see plenty of intolerance from the Muslim crowd.

There are ENTIRE countries in the Middle East (definitely NOT a small minority of people) that publicly execute citizens who convert away from Islam to another religion. These countries also consider the feet of Western soldiers to be filthy and impure, and the soldier's presence in Iraq to be sacrilege upon holy ground. These countries publicly hang women they've raped and then accuse of "adultery." So don't preach to me about "intolerance."

If Iraq can be considered sacred ground profaned by the presence of Western soldiers, then New Yorkers are within their rights to consider the city surrounding Ground Zero to be sacred ground profaned by pagans who worship a moon rock in Mecca. What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Yes, I know there are strip clubs and bookie joints all over the city, too. That doesn't mean I agree to their presence. They are profane, also, but at least bookies and strippers don't kill thousands of people during morning rush hour.

And for all those people who talk of Muslims being peaceful soccer parents in the suburbs who serve as policemen and librarians, consider this: the men who brought the Twin Towers down were pillars of their community, also. They planned their attacks in a "peaceful" mosque in a quiet European suburb. The Islamic officer who went on a shooting rampage at Food Hood was a pillar of his community, also. People described him as "quiet," and a "loyal officer."

Here is a list of blogs I recommend that carry material that seriously questions the "peaceful soccer parent in the suburb" image:

Pay special attention to the "Honor Killings" blog. Every single one of the women listed on the blog was killed by a Muslim male who was supposedly a peaceful member of his community. Pay attention to the vicious manner they killed their women.

Intolerance? I'll listen to that sermon from anybody BUT a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer. The very assertion is a pathetic insult to victims of Muslim intolerance around the world.