Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's Still The Economy, Stupid (#6)

The Whitehouse and all the MaoBama pundits are crowing over tiny little statistics they may show superficial improvement in small corners of economic activity, desperate to justify their debt-fueled stimulated package.

In the meantime, factories and businesses are still closing, America is continuing to loose jobs and productive capacity overseas, official unemployment still hangs at 9% with effective unemployment standing at 16% (not to mention the underemployed who are working for less than what they used to) and small towns all across The Heartland are gradually being deserted.

What was once the industrial pride of America, The Heartland has now become an empty basket of deserted factories and foreclosed homes. Read about it here:


So, how's the "Hopey-Changey" thing going for you?

I believe the MaoBama once used the terms "angry" and "guns" in describing Heartlanders. He seems to have forgotten his Marxist roots. Wasn't it Marx who often said that when the people are out of work and desperate, government has need to fear? Wasn't it Marx who said that the workers must rise up and replace the upper classes in blood?

Of course I don't advocate that. But when The President talks a big socialist game about being for the workers, while he does nothing about off-shoring our industrial base, and then forces a bloated debt-mounting health bureaucracy upon the workers, leaving their children with a huge future tax burden, what kind of crap is that? No wonder some of the "rednecks with guns" are angry.

One more time...when people are STILL loosing their jobs and their houses, Presidents have a tendency to be replaced.