Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So-Called "Peaceful Islam" #21

Jury selection has begun in the trial of foreign-born muslims, complete with Islamic names and full beards, who planned to shoot and kill American soldiers at Fort Dix. Read about it at FoxNews. [link]

You know, I forgot just how peaceful it is to have snipers shoot at you. There's nothing like a peaceful summer evening with Islamo-fascist sniper fire whizzing through the air.

I would never do this myself, of course, but continual nonsense like this just might push some unbalanced person one day to squeeze off a few rounds directly into a Mosque. Muslims can be so stupid -- what goes around, comes around.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Salad Dressing, Anyone?

The news has been all a-buzz of late about some guy named Paul, who manufactures food products or something like that. I think he might have made a movie, or two. Something about a cowboy dancing in the sun. I don't know. Whatever.

Suddenly, I have a hankering for salad with a nice dressing on it, for some strange reason.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Experts say that the Palin hacker did such a sloppy job that he might as well have drawn a map to his house for investigators. Here's a photo of the mop-topped pimple-garden.

As if this guy could give Brad Pitt a run for his money. This punk probably still has all his original Star Wars action figures stored right next to his Dungeons and Dragons set. Check out the fashion-forward threads. Definitely a hit on the dance floor. He's a poster child for Vidal Sassoon.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Foaming Mouth Liberal Derangement About Palin, #6

Not to be out done, actor MATT DAMON pitched in his two cents about Sarah Palin. Here is what he said:

“It's like a really bad Disney movie, ‘The Hockey Mom.' Oh, I'm just a hockey mom from Alaska, and she's president," said Damon. ‘She's facing down Vladimir Putin and using the folksy stuff she learned at the hockey rink. It's absurd.”

Well Matt, let me tell ya -- when it comes to bad movies, your co-stars are more interesting than you. In fact, I bet even Sarah Palin can act better than you. I'd rather have a hockey mom face down Vladimir Putin than a peanut farmer, a whoremonger, or a Marxist stooge, which is what the Democrat Party has forced upon us the last 30 years for Presidents or candidates.

What's absurd is how a second rate, B-list stuffed shirt pretty-boy psuedo-actor thinks he's an expert in politics more than any one else is. Matt -- go back to banging your groupies and leave the real politics to the candidates -- you're not even helping your fellow liberals.

Speaking of pretty boys. I was lurking in a public newsgroup recently where people speculated about whether or not Matt Damon is GAY. Very interesting, indeed.


In another recent example of the Liberal Derangement Foaming Mouth Disease aimed by the media at Sarah Palin, the liberal press is all aflutter about a recent video that surfaced Wednesday. The video shows her receiving a blessing from a pastor at her local church in Alaska a couple of years ago -- the pastor mentions something about protection from "witchcraft."

What really should be a small, non-event now has the liberal media shuddering, dancing, shrieking, and bobbing their spears up and down in their tribal frenzy of deranged paroxyms, desperate to grasp at any straw they can over Sarah Palin.

All I can say to this nonsense is GIMME A BREAK.

If the Obomination's Pastor can get away with saying "God Damn America," who cares what Sarah Palin's pastor says? If The Obominator can have his past as a Marxist completely ignored, why can't Sarah keep her Pentacostalism private?

I will vote for a Pentacostal candidate far, far sooner than a Godless Marxist one, any day of the week. Where's the Republican response? Why aren't Conservatives going to town and playing up Obama's past Marxism for all it is worth? Jesus! (and I mean that literally) -- conservatives and the Republicans these days just don't have any teeth!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dixie Chumps

Last night I saw the Simpsons episode from this spring where The Dixie Chunks did a cameo appearance. They starred as themselves and sang a song that poked fun at Patriotism -- "Free speech needs curtailin' every now and again."

The thing that makes me laugh is that they still don't get it. They can't figure out that free speech is a two edged sword. Of course they are free to say what they want, but for some reason the Chicks don't understand that the public is free to disagree all they want. The American public is just as free to disagree with The Chicks as they are to spew their Communism. Liberal celebrities are all the same. They think that free speech is only for them.

If I want to go insult some big guys in a bar it's my free speech to do so. But those big guys are free to disagree with my continued presence amongst them when they throw me out on my keister.

Liberals just can't understand the principle, and they whine about not being able to spew their Communism when people strongly oppose them.


Remember, children -- only Liberals are allowed free speech.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Case of "PLDS."

There seems to be no end to the epidemic of "Palin Liberal Derangement Syndrome."

The latest person to show symptoms -- Sandra Heartburn, I mean Bernhardt. Here is a video showing the gap-toothed carpent-munching bull-dyke no-talent hack in all her gutteral and perverse glory. She says she wants for Palin to be gang raped. I'm willing to bet Bernhardt wants to get in on that scene.

Just look at all the contortions of absolute vile hatred that Bernhardt's face goes through. It's quite a show for such a "loving, tolerant" liberal. (WARNING: video contains offensive, foul language.)

More Chinese So-Called "Socialist Progress"

A French furniture retailer has had problems with Chinese made chairs they sold. There has been painful eczema outbreaks among customers who bought them. The problem stems from overuse of a chemical designed to inhibit mildew in the fabric. Some of the chairs had ten times the normal levels of the substance.

See the article from The Associated Pravda, I mean Press. [link]

Now, tell me again -- just what is the wisdom behind throwing Western workers out of work and shipping the jobs to China? Handing over the Western industrial infrastructure to a country that can't even feed all of its own people makes what kind of sense? It's time that all the global socialists who sold out Europe and America's factories to learn a basic lesson of capitalism -- you get what you pay for.

Leftist Food Fascism

I had been hearing about all the MoonBat nutrition policies liberals are forcing upon the country's school systems over the years, but it didn't hit home until just recently, when I wanted to send a couple of cookies with my son to school in his back pack one day.

Now mind you, I don't let him eat anything he wants -- I moderate his food choices like any other parent, but just this once I wanted to be nice and give him a couple cookies as reward for some chores he did well the previous day.

Nothing doing.

My wife stopped me and told me about all the nutrition policies that had been forced onto the school district by the Food Nazi Lobby. My son cannot even have cookies within the privacy of his own napsack. They would be treated as contraband, the same as drugs. Even further, they no longer are allowed cakes and cookies for holiday parties. The cafeteria serves nothing for desert except fruit.

I have nothing against healthy eating, but I do have a problem with people who decide for me what I can and can't eat. It is not government's role to dictate my dinnerplate, nor is it any of their business. We're allowed to kill children in the womb, but we're not allowed to give them cookies at school? WTF kind of logic is that? We tolerate alchohol and tobacco and all the damage they cause, but we crusade against candy bars in high school vending machines? Gimme a break.

Every time I go to my child's school to do something for him, guess what I see? Hairy lipped femi-nazi's with huge doughnut thighs, and P.E. coaches with thunderous beer bellies. The day my son's teachers all loose 30 pounds each will be the day I care for any of their food fascism. What about the legislators who pass this nonsense? Just watch C-Span. You'll see them in all their middle aged, porcine glory, bellies hanging over the lectern.

Now is the time for Libertarian minded Republicans to wake up and see all the Leftist techniques of gradually encroaching big government through the back door, over things we don't give much thought over.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hacking Chronology.

Here is a basic chronology of how Palin's Yahoo-gate unfolded. See the story at BLOGS4GOD. [link].

While it's true that the group who did the hacking is little more than a handful of pimple-faced punks strung out on Red Bull and Domino's Pizza while listening to Green Gay (oops, I mean Green Day) and fantasizing about Michelle Obama, a number of sizable liberal organizations took great delight in republishing the material they stole.

The big excuse being shrieked by liberal moonbats is that she deserved it because she was lax with her password reset process. That's like saying I'm justified in stealing my neighbor's car if he leaves the keys in the ignition. Not.

The law is still the law, folks. Hacking email is a Federal offense. No one other than Sarah Palin has any right to enter her account. Period. End of story.

If this happened to Obama, you can bet the liberial media would be shrieking themselves into fits. Democrats hide things all the time. So who really cares if Palin wanted to use her own personal email account to talk business? Many of her business relationships are also personal ones. So why should private messages from her friends be subject to government scrutiny on state servers?

I logged onto Yahoo today, and I saw all sorts of links to news articles trashing Palin. Here's why I'm going to vote for Palin -- simply because the Liberal media have whipped themselves into such a psychotic, mouth foaming frenzy of hate for her. I vote for people who the Liberal media spends a lot of time trashing. Any enemy of the Liberal media is a friend of mine.

Tracking Down The Donkey.

Here's the latest in the Hacker-gate trackdown. Authorities want to question the son of a prominent Dummocrat.

Son of Memphis Dummocrat wanted for questioning. [link]

To be honest, I'm not really concerned with who did it. It's immaterial, really. The big issue here is that liberals have shown the kind of things they're not above doing. Since liberals are the ones who opened up this can of worms, I think conservatives should crash the party, and spike the punch with their own brew.

The gauntlet has been thrown down. The challenge must be answered. Conservative hackers, unite! Give them a taste of their own medicine.

Mo Obamination Flaps Her Yap.

Michelle Obama said in an interview people should vote based on the issues, not because a person may be attractive.

Read about it here. [link]

When asked who she was referring to, she said herself. Since Michelle is not a candidate that can be voted for, the very statement makes itself a complete lie. It's so obvious she was referring to Sarah Palin.

When I vote for Sarah Palin, I'll be voting for the rifle and boots she hunts with. Yes, I think she's cute, but I'm rooting for her to steamroll the enviro-nazi's and crack open ANWR to drilling. Looks have nothing to do with it.

Michelle should talk. Most of the women voting for the Obamination probably couldn't remember half the things he discusses. They just fantasize about the size of his..........uh........following. He's probably got a big...........committment to the issues. And Michelle? Her looks leave alot to be desired. Of course I wouldn't go so far as to say something like "nappy headed ho," the way a talk show host once said, but the sentiment is there.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Liberals Hack Palin's Email.

The lovely and brilliant Michelle Malkin posted to her blog that "love and tolerance" liberals hacked into Sarah Palin's private email account, raided her family pictures, and spread the results of their ransack all across the web. This is the sort of thing Liberals always trashed Nixon about, now they do it themselves. Just another example of Liberal hypocrisy.

Liberals are lucky that I am not a skilled hacker -- oh, the things I could do! Maybe, just maybe, there are some Republican hackers out there who have an itch for some payback. Now would certain be a good time for them to swing into action.

Do Liberals honestly think this would change my mind about their politics? Because of this, I have an even lower opinion of them, and a deeper resolve to fight them for the rest of my life.

Read it on Michelle's blog. [link]

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Socialist Vultures Are Circling.

All of the crimes, crashes, and meltdowns that have gone on in corporate America over the last fifteen years, and all of the scandals and fraud in the mortgage business, have led many people to start calling for more government regulation in the financial services industry.

History has shown that crisis always bring the Socialists out of the wood work, and the "government-control-solves-everything" crowd starts up their shrieks for financial bailouts and regulatory dictatorship like a swarm of noisy Cicadas crawling out of their larvae holes in the trees after they've molted.

Think for a minute. If your child did something wrong, are you going to rush right in to bail him or her out with more money? "Dad, I blew my paycheck on cell time and candy -- I'm broke. Can you give me gas money?" That's exactly the kind of thing we're doing.

Why then should American tax payers foot the bill for corporate greed and fraud? Why should taxpayers foot the bill for an even greater bureaucracy just to babysit them? When you pile on regulation, you burden the rest of the companies who do what's right.

One of the beauties of Laissez Faire is that the bad people drive themselves out of the game when their excesses catch up to them. Let the bankers go broke. They deserve it. When Wall Street rises again, it will be without the incompetent fools who drove it down.

(Psuedo)Christian Science Monitor Calls For Regulation. [link]

DeGeneres, New Covergirl

Despite all the recent bickering between Dems and 'Pubs about "lipstick on a pig" statements, here is some lighter news:

Confirmed lesbian ELLEN DEGENERES has announced that she is now working for COVERGIRL.


I'm not making this up. See the details. [link]

Cheating China gets Checked.

An enterprising computer hacker uncovered documents proving that gymnast He Kexin was 14 during the Olympics, not 16 as China has insisted.

I'm not surprised really. Typical of Chinese Communism -- lie and cheat like hell wherever possible.

I actually started to half belief all the crap about how they've been "reforming" in recent years. Now I slap myself for going against common sense.

Read the details in this article. [link]

London Times gives details. [link]

Monday, September 15, 2008

PINK's hypocrisy about Palin

Loudmouth B* rock star "PINK" has been opening her pie hole really wide about Sarah Palin.

In an interview PINK says that Palin terrifies her. (I'm terrified that our nation's youth might become as stupid and obnoxious as PINK.)

PINK says Palin would overturn Roe vs. Wade. Then PINK takes aim at Sarah's hunting.

So basically PINK believes we should save animals, and then kill babies.

Please. Give me a break.

PINK dishes dirt. [link]

I would give anything to see Sarah put her boots on again and go kick Pink's @#%, and give her something to be really afraid of.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Proof In The Pudding

For days I've been warning about how tainted produce have their source in Mexico, where they use raw sewage to irrigate crops and have no regulatory oversight at all, regardless of what their government says.

Want proof? Here it is:


Salmonella has been a big problem for Mexican produce. Nobody wants to see or admit it.

Why Not Save Them ALL?

UNICEF is whooping up the latest stats over world mortality rates for children under five. Infant death has dropped significantly, and they hail the trend.

What most people don't know is that the U.N. is on the forefront of abortion advocacy. Their policies on population are centered around killing the unborn.

So basically, if you're lucky enough not to be aborted, the U.N. wants to save you. If you're not born yet, they want to kill you.

UNICEF hails statistics. [link]

Eat In China, Get Gas.

Milk from Chinese producers had been found to contain Melamine. Many babies were poisoned. Officials waited several days before issuing a re-call. With Communist China, I'm not surprised.