Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mo Obamination Flaps Her Yap.

Michelle Obama said in an interview people should vote based on the issues, not because a person may be attractive.

Read about it here. [link]

When asked who she was referring to, she said herself. Since Michelle is not a candidate that can be voted for, the very statement makes itself a complete lie. It's so obvious she was referring to Sarah Palin.

When I vote for Sarah Palin, I'll be voting for the rifle and boots she hunts with. Yes, I think she's cute, but I'm rooting for her to steamroll the enviro-nazi's and crack open ANWR to drilling. Looks have nothing to do with it.

Michelle should talk. Most of the women voting for the Obamination probably couldn't remember half the things he discusses. They just fantasize about the size of his..........uh........following. He's probably got a big...........committment to the issues. And Michelle? Her looks leave alot to be desired. Of course I wouldn't go so far as to say something like "nappy headed ho," the way a talk show host once said, but the sentiment is there.

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