Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hacking Chronology.

Here is a basic chronology of how Palin's Yahoo-gate unfolded. See the story at BLOGS4GOD. [link].

While it's true that the group who did the hacking is little more than a handful of pimple-faced punks strung out on Red Bull and Domino's Pizza while listening to Green Gay (oops, I mean Green Day) and fantasizing about Michelle Obama, a number of sizable liberal organizations took great delight in republishing the material they stole.

The big excuse being shrieked by liberal moonbats is that she deserved it because she was lax with her password reset process. That's like saying I'm justified in stealing my neighbor's car if he leaves the keys in the ignition. Not.

The law is still the law, folks. Hacking email is a Federal offense. No one other than Sarah Palin has any right to enter her account. Period. End of story.

If this happened to Obama, you can bet the liberial media would be shrieking themselves into fits. Democrats hide things all the time. So who really cares if Palin wanted to use her own personal email account to talk business? Many of her business relationships are also personal ones. So why should private messages from her friends be subject to government scrutiny on state servers?

I logged onto Yahoo today, and I saw all sorts of links to news articles trashing Palin. Here's why I'm going to vote for Palin -- simply because the Liberal media have whipped themselves into such a psychotic, mouth foaming frenzy of hate for her. I vote for people who the Liberal media spends a lot of time trashing. Any enemy of the Liberal media is a friend of mine.


mystere's moonbat slayer club said...


Let's also not forget what Al Frankenstein did, so that he could trash the Republicans in a book he had planned to write. He had used some stationery from a well known University, saying that he was a student doing research on politicians who had done something in their past that they wanted to keep a secret. Bottom line: Franken got caught, had to apologize to the university for using their stationery, and to make things worse, he is now running for office with full approval from his moonbats! Someone is suffering guano poisoning!

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

I wonder if he tried to say that Stewart Smalley made him do it ;)