Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other.

All these years scientists have been whining at us that we are at risk for skin cancer from too much sun, and now this:

Vitamin D deficiency at epidemic proportions, lack of sunlight given as cause (Chicago Sun).

I'm willing to bet that after we do all the crazy crap they want us to do because of Globaloney Warming, we'll end up having to deal with disastrous unintended consequences.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Leave Octo Mom Alone.

The liberal media has had a field day savaging Octomom and her over productive fertility. They are especially angry that she his relying on public assistance for all fourteen of her children

Here's one thing that concerns me:


W.I.T.F. ?

If Liberals are truly concerned about overpopulation and burdens on the welfare system, WHY DON'T WE DEPORT A FEW MILLION ALIENS INSTEAD? ESPECIALLY ALIENS WHO REFUSE TO USE BIRTH CONTROL?

Gimme a break.

Oh, and by the way: what ever happened to "REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE?" According to Liberals and Feminists, Octomom has her rights as a woman to choose what happens with her reproductive system, right?

Apparently, "reproductive choice" is only allowed as an excuse for abortion, and never as a reason for more children if a woman feels she wants them. What a bunch of rhetorical hypocrisy.

THIS AUTHOR SUPPORTS THE "REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE" OF WOMEN WHO DESIRE LARGE FAMILIES. GIVE THEM ALL THE PUBLIC ASSISTANCE THEY NEED. If we can fork over the pork to tens of millions of illegal aliens, what does it matter if a REAL AMERICAN WOMAN wants more children?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Iran Bitch-slaps Obama Overtures.

Pres. Hussein's recent Polly-Anna pie-in-the-sky efforts to negotiate with the confirmed terrorist supporting regime in Iran have been slapped down by hardliners in the Iranian government. Iranian officials basked in vigorous shouts of "Death to America" while announcing their response.

They insist the U.S. abandon support for Israel, and allow Iran to develop their nuclear program, which they insist they need for energy purposes (while their country is full to the brim with oil.)

When will these peace-at-any-cost appeasenik hippie liberals get it through their heads -- when you try to negotiate with terrorists, they walk all over you.

It's our own business how we deal with Israel, and any nation guilty of bloody violence who is full to the brim with oil does not need any nukes, unless they plan to explode them. What kind of fools do they take us for? Apparently some pretty big fools, since we just placed one in The Oval Office last fall.

"Community Organizing"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where's The "Compassionate" Socialism?

They're popping up faster than dandelions in a Spring meadow.

Tent cities.

Just Google the term and you'll come across all sorts of news stories about tent settlements popping up everywhere, as the unemployed and the newly displaced foreclosure victims look desperately for a place to go. You'll find plenty of pictures.

Folks, just to show that I'm not the "heartless hater" that liberals love to call conservatives, in this post I'm going to be a little bit socialist.

The thing I really want to know is this: out of all those billions of dollars The Obamessiah handed out recently, how much is going to actually relieve the people who are truly troubled, like the tent dwellers? News organizations estimate that the stimulus package contained over 9,000 pork barrel earmarks, most of them for Democrat congressional constituencies.

While corrupt and incompentant executives are paying themselves bonuses out of public money they receive, what are all the Democrats and whiny liberals doing to help relieve the legions of people out there living in tents or out of their cars?

I thought so.

Socialism in its honest and true form: public spending to benefit cronies while the people still suffer. The only people that socialism helps is the politicians who collect the taxes.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To Meghan McCain: You're No Republican.

Conflict in the G.O.P. between core conservatives and Democrat-in-sheep's-clothing party moderates has been heating up of late. There has been the recent wrangling between party big-wigs and Rush Limbaugh, after Rush began calling moderates onto the carpet for the Democrat style abandonment of core conservative values.

The wrangling has even included prominent G.O.P. ladies. Meghan McCain, daughter of former candidate John McCain, recently lashed out at Ann Coulter for her assertive, take-no-prisoner approach to conservatism.

Fellow lady conservative commentator Laura Ingraham vigorously defended Ann, stating that Meghan McCain is little more than a "plus-sized model." Not to be outdone, Meghan shot back during an appearance on "The View," telling Laura Ingraham to "kiss my fat ass." Meghan continued to whine about the remarks over her weight, and not the issues.

Meghan should be glad she doesn't get the kind of poison liberals flung at Sarah Palin all throughout the campaign, or the kind of bile liberals pour upon Ann Coulter on a DAILY basis. Quit your whining, child, and join the adult world.

When she registered Republican as a gift to her father, Meghan said "I don’t relate to the hard right. I think that’s common knowledge. It’s time to reinvent the Republican party. And I think my dad can do it,” she says. Meghan: if you can't relate to core conservatives, GET OUT OF THE PARTY. Go join the Democrats, you'll gain respect for being honest that way. If you think you can change the minds of millions upon millions of conservatives who built this country with their hard work and military service while you were still stuffing your face with cheerios in kindergarten, you got another thing coming, baby.

First off, anyone who even spends a minute on the set of "The View," attacking other conservatives cannot seriously call themselves conservative, much less Republican. Meghan's very presence on the set of that Communist Pinko soap-box program immediately calls her conservatism into question, in my mind.

Second, McCain women seem intent on alienating the very people the party needs to get anywhere in politics -- core conservatives. Meghan's grandmother made several sarcastic remarks about Mormons early on in the 2008 presidential campaign. I don't know what century she was born in, but it seems she forgets the fact that Mormons form the back bone of conservative support in almost every major western state. Mormon Sen. Orrin Hatch carries an electorate following amongst both Mormons and conservative Christians that is nothing to sneeze at.

At a time when the G.O.P. is a complete mess, it is important for the pseudo-Republican moderates to recognize that they'll never get anywhere without the core conservatives, like them or not. Also, if John McCain wants to gain and keep support of core conservatives for any of his future plans, my advice to him is tell the women in his family to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gospel According to Saint Ayn

"Until and unless you discover that money is the root of all good, you ask for your own destruction.

"When money ceases to become the means by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of other men. Blood, whips and guns--or dollars. Take your choice--there is no other.

"Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper's bell of an approaching looter."

-- Ayn Rand.

Glorious Socialist Progress

Because of all the corporate scandals and collapsing banks, liberals are of course having a field day ranting about the evils and faults of capitalism and hands-off government.

What liberals refuse to consider is that governments are no better at meeting human needs than corporations are. Both are made up of humans, who can be territorial, petty, selfish, political, mean, greedy, dishonest, and inept. The only difference between the two is that of name.

The entire twentieth century is a study of governmental failure in socialist and/or communist systems.

Take China for instance, the scene of 100 million dead people worth of governmental failure over the last century. "Oh, well they've been making progress," liberals sing in their rosy hymns of praise for socialism.

During the last decade, Chinese manufacturing has been one long orgy of corruption, pumping the world's markets with products that are shoddy, dangerous, poisonous, or at the very least stolen and pirated from copyright holders. In recent years, millions of babies have been poisoned by Chinese milk that has been adulterated or thinned out by toxins by corrupt processors greedy for an extra buck. MAJOR FAIL .

Currently, the "gloriously progressive humanist socialism" of the Chinese government is trying to weasle, cheat, and bully its way out of paying settlements to families of poisoning victims. What happened to "caretaker" socialism? It seems that China is trying to cheat its way out of taking care of its own people they poisoned with toxic products.

Read the article here at Yahoo News.

Capitalism may have its faults, but I would rather live in a capitalist country than a socialist one. If American liberals want to wax romantic about having government regulate business and give everybody free bread and circuses, they are free to go live in China, where the government is more corrupt than ENRON or WORLDCOM.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Blame Conservatives For This One.

According to an article in The Washington Post, at least 3% of D.C. residents are AIDS-infected.

"Our rates are higher than West Africa," said Shannon L. Hader, director of the District's HIV/AIDS Administration.

I suppose that all of this is conservative's fault. We wouldn't want to blame it on drugs and orgiastic promiscuity, now would we?

It's all a plot, you see, by the white man to keep inner city minorities down. It has nothing to do with keeping zippers up and pants on. Nothing to do with abstinence, loyalty to one spouse, or being clean from drugs. Nope.

In fact, it all has to do with mysterious Air Force planes that fly over the city, frequently dousing it with AIDS spray, genetically designed to infect only the minority, non-religious, and "alternative amorous lifestyle" residents.

Ah, yes. That MUST be it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yeah. What SHE Said.

"When the common good of a society is regarded as something apart from, and superior to, the individual good of its members, it means that the good of some men takes precedence over the good of others, with those others consigned to the status of sacrificial animals."

-- Ayn Rand

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

At Least Hillary Saluted.

In the opening days of his administration, President Hussein waxed romantic about his role model, Abraham Lincoln.

There's just one catch: President Lincoln respected the national flag. Mr. Hussein, you're no Lincoln.

President Hussein has always insisted that he does not need the flag to show his patriotism. What's curious is this: if one makes a specific point of refusing to salute the flag, what other reason can their be to do so, than to rebel against the reasons that people have to salute it in the first place?

If Pres. Hussein does not need to salute the flag to show his patriotism, then guess what folks -- there is absolutely no need for me to show any respect for Pres. Hussein, to prove MY patriotism. He is free to disrespect the flag, therefore: I am free to disrespect HIM, and still be considered patriotic.

Let me borrow a few words from the Dixie Chicks: I'm ashamed to come from the same country as our current President.

Already people have been asking me why I heap so much vitriol upon His Innocence, Saint Obama. My answer is this: if the entire liberal media can get away with their savage hatred for Sarah Palin, then a small insignificant blogger like me should be able to get away with insulting Hussein Obama.

It is precisely because of all the poisonous hate liberals had for Sarah that I have in return declared a war of equal hate against liberal hypocrites who preach tolerance, and then publicly smear a working mother of a special needs child.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Say What, now?

More Notable Quotes

"Barack Obama said [earlier] that the economy was 'going to get worse before it gets better.' See, that's when you know the campaign is really over.

Remember before the election? 'The audacity of hope!' 'Yes, we can!' 'A change we can believe in!'

Now it's, 'We're all screwed.'"
–Jay Leno

"Barack Obama plans to issue an executive order on his first full day in office, directing the closing of Guantanamo Bay. He said he needs the money for new prisons to hold Democratic mayors and governors."
--Jay Leno

"[Earlier], President-elect Barack Obama announced his new economic team. You know what he should do? Hire those people who were in charge of his fundraising campaign. We can pay this thing off in like a week."
--Jay Leno

Notable Quotes.

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive."
--C.S. Lewis.

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' "
-- Ronald Reagan

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Testing, 1-2-3, testing....

Bloggers, pundits, and comentators have all made their barbs at Pres. Hussein's security blanket during public speeches -- his teleprompter.

The teleprompter has followed him wherever he has given speeches, much to the consternation of media camera people and sound people who need to make shiny, rosy portrayals of The Messiah. The teleprompter gets in the way of the excellent views of his photogenic side.

What's especially noteworthy is that speeches he has made without the teleprompter have been notoriously lackluster. As in dull. As it fumbling.

In all of the broo-ha he made about wrapping himself in the Abraham Lincoln mantel, President Hussein conveniently forgot one thing:

Abraham Lincoln made his finest speeches without a teleprompter. President Hussein, you're no Lincoln.

What He Said

"Rushification of the GOP is inevitable ... because no one else is acting like a Republican leader."

-- Conservative organizer Richard A. Viguerie

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Purge The Republican Party -- NOW.

G.O.P. Chairman Micheal Steele recently apologized publicly for criticisms aimed at popular talk show host Rush Limbaugh, calling Rush's material "incendiary" and "ugly." I suspect he did this only because he had to.

It seems to me that the voice of Pres. Hussein is talking through Micheal Steele's mouth. It seems to me that Mr. Steele would be better suited as Chairman of the Democrat Party, for he is speaking their words.

  • Rush's words are no more ugly than the garbage that Micheal Moore and his Liberal cronies fling out, like just so much fecal matter being tossed by Liberal monkeys swinging in their Darwinian trees.
  • His words are no more ugly than Rosanne Barr calling Israel "nazis" for shooting back at Hamas.
  • His words are no more ugly than all the vicious bile the Liberal press heaped upon Sarah Palin.
Just for once, I would love to see a Republican Party that wasn't Democrats in sheep's clothing.

Rush had this to say about Mr. Steele:

"Why are you running the Republican Party?" Limbaugh asked on his radio show. "Why do you claim you lead the Republican Party when you seem obsessed with seeing to it that President Obama succeeds? ... I would be embarrassed to say that I'm in charge of the Republican Party in the sad-sack state that it's in. If I were chairman of the Republican Party, given the state that it's in, I would quit."

Purge the Party, NOW.