Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To Meghan McCain: You're No Republican.

Conflict in the G.O.P. between core conservatives and Democrat-in-sheep's-clothing party moderates has been heating up of late. There has been the recent wrangling between party big-wigs and Rush Limbaugh, after Rush began calling moderates onto the carpet for the Democrat style abandonment of core conservative values.

The wrangling has even included prominent G.O.P. ladies. Meghan McCain, daughter of former candidate John McCain, recently lashed out at Ann Coulter for her assertive, take-no-prisoner approach to conservatism.

Fellow lady conservative commentator Laura Ingraham vigorously defended Ann, stating that Meghan McCain is little more than a "plus-sized model." Not to be outdone, Meghan shot back during an appearance on "The View," telling Laura Ingraham to "kiss my fat ass." Meghan continued to whine about the remarks over her weight, and not the issues.

Meghan should be glad she doesn't get the kind of poison liberals flung at Sarah Palin all throughout the campaign, or the kind of bile liberals pour upon Ann Coulter on a DAILY basis. Quit your whining, child, and join the adult world.

When she registered Republican as a gift to her father, Meghan said "I don’t relate to the hard right. I think that’s common knowledge. It’s time to reinvent the Republican party. And I think my dad can do it,” she says. Meghan: if you can't relate to core conservatives, GET OUT OF THE PARTY. Go join the Democrats, you'll gain respect for being honest that way. If you think you can change the minds of millions upon millions of conservatives who built this country with their hard work and military service while you were still stuffing your face with cheerios in kindergarten, you got another thing coming, baby.

First off, anyone who even spends a minute on the set of "The View," attacking other conservatives cannot seriously call themselves conservative, much less Republican. Meghan's very presence on the set of that Communist Pinko soap-box program immediately calls her conservatism into question, in my mind.

Second, McCain women seem intent on alienating the very people the party needs to get anywhere in politics -- core conservatives. Meghan's grandmother made several sarcastic remarks about Mormons early on in the 2008 presidential campaign. I don't know what century she was born in, but it seems she forgets the fact that Mormons form the back bone of conservative support in almost every major western state. Mormon Sen. Orrin Hatch carries an electorate following amongst both Mormons and conservative Christians that is nothing to sneeze at.

At a time when the G.O.P. is a complete mess, it is important for the pseudo-Republican moderates to recognize that they'll never get anywhere without the core conservatives, like them or not. Also, if John McCain wants to gain and keep support of core conservatives for any of his future plans, my advice to him is tell the women in his family to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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