Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glorious Socialist Progress

Because of all the corporate scandals and collapsing banks, liberals are of course having a field day ranting about the evils and faults of capitalism and hands-off government.

What liberals refuse to consider is that governments are no better at meeting human needs than corporations are. Both are made up of humans, who can be territorial, petty, selfish, political, mean, greedy, dishonest, and inept. The only difference between the two is that of name.

The entire twentieth century is a study of governmental failure in socialist and/or communist systems.

Take China for instance, the scene of 100 million dead people worth of governmental failure over the last century. "Oh, well they've been making progress," liberals sing in their rosy hymns of praise for socialism.

During the last decade, Chinese manufacturing has been one long orgy of corruption, pumping the world's markets with products that are shoddy, dangerous, poisonous, or at the very least stolen and pirated from copyright holders. In recent years, millions of babies have been poisoned by Chinese milk that has been adulterated or thinned out by toxins by corrupt processors greedy for an extra buck. MAJOR FAIL .

Currently, the "gloriously progressive humanist socialism" of the Chinese government is trying to weasle, cheat, and bully its way out of paying settlements to families of poisoning victims. What happened to "caretaker" socialism? It seems that China is trying to cheat its way out of taking care of its own people they poisoned with toxic products.

Read the article here at Yahoo News.

Capitalism may have its faults, but I would rather live in a capitalist country than a socialist one. If American liberals want to wax romantic about having government regulate business and give everybody free bread and circuses, they are free to go live in China, where the government is more corrupt than ENRON or WORLDCOM.

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