Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Religion of Perpetual Atrocity #32

Here's the latest contributions to the world from the Religion of Perpetual Atrocity.

An Iraqi police commander fought tirelessly to bring order to his precint. He broke up gangs of jewelry thieves who served as funding sources for Al Qaida terrorism. He broke up terrorist cells hiding out in the suburbs. For his troubles, Al Qaida attempted five times to kill him, finally succeeding on the sixth try.

I absolutely refuse to accept that anything can be holy about jewel thieves who kill cops, no matter what religion they are. Where I come from, thieves who murder cops are looked upon as low-life, yellow-bellied cowards, and they are treated as such.

Prophet Cartoon Attack in Denmark Thwarted.

Danish and Swedish authorities stopped a plan by a handful of Islami-cowards to shoot indiscriminately at people from the building of the newspaper that published the well known cartoons about the false prophet Mohammed. These yellow bellies planned to duplicate the scale of the Mumbai attack in 2008.

For some reason, given the religion of the perpetrators, I'm not really surprised.