Friday, August 28, 2009

"It's Still The Economy, Stupid."

Many people remember the chorus chanted by the Clinton-zombies in the 1990's: "it's the economy, stupid." There point was that they felt Bush was either completely out of touch with what's happening, or he purposely tried to distract national dialogue away from the real issues with fluff legislation.

Now, it seems the chickens have come home to roost for the Demonrats. All this time they have been distracting the nation with their healthcare smoke and mirrors, the economy still languishes and banks continue to fail. Read about the latest bank failures here:

With unemployment just below 20%, banks still failing, and GDP shrinking, the deficit topping 10 trillion, Social Security and Medicare almost bankrupt, why are we rushing headlong into creating another corrupt wasteful bureaucracy in healthcare?

While the Demonrats and the Traitor-Moderate Republicans yakking on and on about healthcare, who's fixing the real problem, the economy? Who?

"It's still the economy, stupid!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Same Idiot, Different Day, On Yahoo.

Google now has a neat little feature where you can set them as your homepage, and they have nice background scenes you can choose from.

I went ahead and switched the homepage setting for my browser to Google, and not because of the new feature (although I really enjoy it.)

I switched homepages because I got really, really, REALLY tired of seeing the face of Comrade Obama featured on the Yahoo front page every time I go there. Every single damn day, they have a picture of the Obamessiah staring out at me from the news box.

This is a very big world, with lots of things happening every day. Obama and his activities are NOT so interesting that his face has to be featured on the Yahoo front page every single damn day. The only reason for that is the people at Yahoo worship Obama, and make no bones about it.

I don't mind loyalty to a politician, but fawning worship, so much that every single news page of a supposedly professional organization of journalists HAS to feature the guy's face 24/7/365? That's really pushing it. Gimme a break.

Now that I've switched my homepage to Google, I don't have to stare at St. Barack's know-it-all smirk every damn day, and that makes me REALLY happy.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Julie & Julia (and The Hollywood Ten)

"I feel very strongly that actors haven't any business at all to shoot their faces off about things I know we know very little about." - Gary Cooper

"Actors have no damn business in politics, period." - Spencer Tracy

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

My wife and I went to see the movie "Julie and Julia" today.

A charming little film, it's a character study of a young woman in Queens who cooks her way through Julia Child's book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in its entirety, one recipe at a time, over the course of a year. Interspersed throughout the movie are scenes from Julia Child's own life, during the time she spent in France while her husband worked there.

Right in the middle of the film the characters engage in a diatribe about Joseph McCarthy. The movie shows how Julia Child's husband Paul had to go through interviews over the course of a few days about his politics and character. Julia and Paul spend time lamenting about the whole thing, speaking of it as if it were some sort of horrible ordeal.

Several things crossed my mind about this.

First of all, this is a movie about cooking as an art. It is a movie about two women, at different times, undergoing personal journeys of growth and transformation as they perfect their knowledge of food. Along the way, they discover themselves and strengthen their love for their husbands. Why on earth, then, is it absolutely necessary to talk about Joseph McCarthy in a film about cooking? There have been a zillion movies about that, piled high ad nauseum -- why ruin a perfectly good dramatic character study with a diatribe about politics?

Second, they complain about the inquiry as if it were some kind of massive affront to their dignity. Give me a break. Paul worked for the State Department. That profession involves national security. Applicants to the FBI and other federal agencies have to go through far stricter background checks, before and after they are hired, all throughout their careers. It's standard procedure.

That particular period of history was very dangerous. Soviet Premier Kruschev vowed that he'd bury us, as he held his finger over "the button" during the Cuban Missile crisis. In recent years, the former KGB confirmed that they had people buried all throughout the State Department. Even if McCarthy never said a word, the Federal government still would have searched high and low for agents, because the threat was very real.

Paul and Julia should be glad that they weren't interrogated by the Communist Khmer Rhouge in Toul Sleng prison. They should be glad they weren't interrogated by the Viet Cong in the Hanoi Hilton, where John McCain was tortured mercilessly. They should be glad they didn't have to make forced confessions in a Moscow kangaroo trial, and then die in a Siberian prison, like several Catholic priests did. The McCarthy hearings were high school sock hops, compared to Communist torture.

What was an enjoyable movie experience was jarred by the socialist keyboard masturbation of a pinko Hollywood script writer. Only a Hollywood pinko could find a way to take a neutral subject like cooking and pump it full of totally unrelated socialist politics. I did a little digging. It turns out the script was penned by Nora Ephron, a veritable poster child of Hollywood Communist scriptwriting for decades. She regularly contributes to The Huffington Post. I should have known.

Let me quote the words of Anton Ego, food critic in the movie Ratatouille: "I don't like food, I love it. If I don't love it, I spit it out." When a wonderful movie tries to shove liberal sh* down my throat, I too spit it out. I want to spit it all over the screen.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Liberal Thuggery.

Demonrats, liberals, and unions are violent, bloody haters.

In a recent noisy Town Hall meeting in St. Louis, jack-boot thugs (oops, I mean "community organizers") from the labor union S.E.I.U. beat up conservative protestors. They even beat up a BLACK conservative protester, calling him racial slurs.

Such love and tolerance from the "sweetness and light" Liberals.

All I have to say is "ZEIG HEIL!"

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

So-Called "Peaceful Islam" #30

Well folks, I'm going to be a bit liberal today. I am going to speak out in defense of feminist activism. Specifically, in the nation of Sudan.

A former diplomatic worker for The United Nations is on trial in Khartoum, and if convicted she will be flogged. Keep in mind that Islamic floggings, especially in Africa, are the kind that leave scars.

What is the woman's crime, you may ask? She is guilty of the absolutely heinous crime of WEARING PANTS. Yes, folks, the religion that brags itself ready to take over the world just cannot tolerate women wearing pants in public. When an Islamic government illegally usurped power in the 1990's in the Sudan, they put in place a dress code for women, punishable by flogging.

There's one small catch. Prohibition on pants is never specifically mentioned in The Koran, nor anywhere else in the writings of Mohammad. It is purely a modern interpretation.

Yes folks, maybe I should have publicly whipped my Christian Sunday School teacher, because she wore slacks. That's what Islam in The Sudan says. Such wonderful, lovely PEACE now, isn't it?


Read about it here.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Remember Kids -- Only Liberals Are Allowed Disruptive Protest.

If you want to see some good old fashioned noisy American protest, watch the videos on this liberal blog, "Think Progress."

There's only one problem, though. The noisy protesters are (sacre bleu!) real live Conservatives. They are focusing on town hall meetings held by Democrat legislators. The liberal writer of the blog post is all aghast, of course. The nerve of these right wing people, making a ruckus.

Oh, the anarchy! Such disrespect for law and order! Such ruffians, whatever shall we do? American liberals would NEVER behave like THAT.

That's right -- liberals think we should ignore all of their anarchy, lawlessness, destruction, sabotage, sex, drugs, noise, and disturbance of the peace they've been doing since the 1960's. Only LIBERALS are allowed to make anarchy.

What a bunch of crap.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

So-Called "Peaceful Islam" #29

It has recently come to light in the international press that ruling religious leaders in Iran have ordered the torture of protestors and demonstrators. Some of them are now being put on trial, based on false confessions forced out of them.

read about it here:

also here:

Iranian leaders have always sanctimoniously criticized America and The West for their handling of Islamic Terror prisoners, especially at Gitmo and Abu Hagraib. All the while, Iranian clerics torture their own prisoners on a wholesale level that completely out-scales anything that a handful of rogue bureaucrats in The West got away with.

Iran merely calls it "punishment," and denies it is actual torture. While The West may have had problems with individual abuses, Iranian Islamic rulers are guilty of judicial terror far beyond the pale. They torture people as a matter of full-scale institutional policy, using Islamic religious doctrine as justification.

Oh, yes -- such a religion of "peace" now, isn't it?

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