Sunday, August 02, 2009

So-Called "Peaceful Islam" #29

It has recently come to light in the international press that ruling religious leaders in Iran have ordered the torture of protestors and demonstrators. Some of them are now being put on trial, based on false confessions forced out of them.

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Iranian leaders have always sanctimoniously criticized America and The West for their handling of Islamic Terror prisoners, especially at Gitmo and Abu Hagraib. All the while, Iranian clerics torture their own prisoners on a wholesale level that completely out-scales anything that a handful of rogue bureaucrats in The West got away with.

Iran merely calls it "punishment," and denies it is actual torture. While The West may have had problems with individual abuses, Iranian Islamic rulers are guilty of judicial terror far beyond the pale. They torture people as a matter of full-scale institutional policy, using Islamic religious doctrine as justification.

Oh, yes -- such a religion of "peace" now, isn't it?

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