Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Same Idiot, Different Day, On Yahoo.

Google now has a neat little feature where you can set them as your homepage, and they have nice background scenes you can choose from.

I went ahead and switched the homepage setting for my browser to Google, and not because of the new feature (although I really enjoy it.)

I switched homepages because I got really, really, REALLY tired of seeing the face of Comrade Obama featured on the Yahoo front page every time I go there. Every single damn day, they have a picture of the Obamessiah staring out at me from the news box.

This is a very big world, with lots of things happening every day. Obama and his activities are NOT so interesting that his face has to be featured on the Yahoo front page every single damn day. The only reason for that is the people at Yahoo worship Obama, and make no bones about it.

I don't mind loyalty to a politician, but fawning worship, so much that every single news page of a supposedly professional organization of journalists HAS to feature the guy's face 24/7/365? That's really pushing it. Gimme a break.

Now that I've switched my homepage to Google, I don't have to stare at St. Barack's know-it-all smirk every damn day, and that makes me REALLY happy.

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Anonymous said...

I can tell you're going through withdrawals. Tell ya what I'll do: I'll just send you some Barack Obama and Nanci Pelosi wallpaper. That should cheer you right up.