Friday, June 27, 2008

The Storm Approaches.

By now everyone has heard about the recent Supreme Court ruling reaffirming the true meaning of The Second Amendment.

The City of Chicago is moaning and crying. They rolled out before the media a long list of gun fatalities that occurred in Chicago so far this year. So what's the problem? Chicago already has a ban in place. If all those gun deaths occurred while Chicago still has a gun ban, then the obvious conclusion is this: criminals still had guns, regardless of gun control.

GUN CONTROL DOES NOT WORK. Let's get it through our heads, people. Criminals continue to kill people. They care nothing for bans or controls. Chicago's own statistics prove that.

Victim's families often say that their loved one would still be alive if guns were banned. That's debateable. The guilty party obviously ignored any bans. Maybe the victim would still be alive if he carried a gun to defend himself with. Does anyone ever think of that? Of course not.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Keystone Kops

When I was a kid, I used to love those old Keystone Kops movies. They were the kind with the bumbling policemen getting into all sorts of trouble, never doing things right.

In the recent salmonella tomato plague, The Food and Drug Administration is whining that it is impossible to trace the origin of the tainted tomatoes. To this, most rational thinking people reply "Bullshit."

We all know that this is an election year. Nobody wants to cross the Mexican Agri-business lobby, the Mexican Government, and the MILLIONS of Latino-American voters. Nobody is willing to say "hey, let's check Mexico!"

So the FDA makes lots of motion and lots of sound to make it look like they are doing something, while they are doing nothing. We're talking about an agency that is implicated in countless scandals involving the deep pockets of The Big Pharma Lobby. We're talking about an agency that has the manpower to round up and burn books with recipes that use the herbs Stevia and Salvina Divinorum.

We can put men on the moon and we can spot an Al Qaida training camp miles above from space, yet we can't bring ourselves to admit that tainted tomatoes come from Mexican growers who routinely irrigate their fields with raw sewage. Major news outlets have documented the practice, and millions of Mexican field workers are witness.

When the E-coli spinach outbreak happened in 2006, it was easy to find the source because it came in bags with barcodes, allowing for easy location of the suppliers and growers responsible. When that happened, we were given the "wandering pig" excuse. Supposedly some wild pigs wandered amongst the crops and contaminated them. Back then, people said "bullshit," also.

Since then, consumer advocacy groups from around the country have been tirelessly demanding that the FDA require tracking procedures in the produce industry. For years, the FDA has stoutly refused. It takes an average of 20 years to develop and gain approval for a new drug, yet filthy, raw sewage can travel right into our country upon the food we eat. What's wrong with that picture?

Oh, please.

There's A Difference, OK?

Q: What's the difference between a Democrat and a cat fish?

A: One's an ugly, scum sucking bottom feeder, and the other is a fish.


Q: If a crucifix can repel a vampire, what do you use to repel a Democrat?
A: The American Flag.

Q: What do you get when you cross a pilgrim with a democrat?
A: A god-fearing tax collector who gives thanks for what other people have.

Q: Why should Democrats be buried 100 feet deep?
A: Because deep down, they're really good people.

Q: What happens when you cross a pig with a Democrat?
A: Nothing. There are some things even a pig won't do.

Q. How many Democrats does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Just one, but it really gets screwed.


They say that Christopher Columbus was the first Democrat. When he left to discover America, he didn't know where he was going. When he got there he didn't know where he was. And it was all done on a government grant.

"Declassified papers report that John Kennedy was taking eight different medications a day. He was so wasted, his Secret Service code name was Ted Kennedy." —Craig Kilborn

"Isn't spring in New York fantastic? The great thing about spring is that it comes once a year, just like a Kennedy trial." —David Letterman

"Jesse Jackson's in trouble. They're going after this tax thing. Jesse said he will amend his taxes to show the money that he paid to his mistress. See, he has just one mistress. Jesse uses the standard mistress deduction. As opposed to Clinton, who had to itemize." Jay Leno

"It seems Monica Lewinsky is on the loose again, teaming up with HBO to do a documentary about her affair with Bill Clinton. It's not really a documentary. It will be more of an oral history." Jay Leno

"A student from the University of Washington has sold his soul on eBay for $400. He's a law student, so he probably doesn't need it, but still, that's not very much. Today, Hillary Clinton said, 'Hey, at least I got some furniture and a Senate seat for mine." —Jay Leno

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Uh...$14 million is HOW MUCH? Uh...

Texas journalists have totaled the tab in the Polygamy-kids case. It tops out at over $14 million, with a third of that amount being attorney's fees (give or take a million or two.)

All of that as a result of one phone call from someone they can't even find, whose accusations cannot be corroborated.

Fourteen million is on helluva lot of clams. The state of Texas is cram full of tax-and-spend Democrats -- I'm surprised the Democrats aren't crying over the loss of money they could have used in their own pork barrels.

The State of Texas continues to say they are concerned that the kids are in imminent danger, yet Texas is filled to the brim with neighborhoods where kids have to cope daily with poverty, drugs, gangs, and teenage pregnancy. That's about as "imminent danger" as you can get. Fourteen million would have been better spent helping kids in The Barrios, rather than harassing a religious group.

Libertarian Quote Of The Day.

"There ain't a dime's worth of difference between them..."

-- Waylon Jennings
(discussing the Republican and Democrat parties.)

Irish Voters Say No To Global Government.

Irish voters have rejected a reorganization treaty that would have granted the European Union far more powers than is democratically needed. Supporters insist it is only to streamline the E.U. beauracracy, but Irish voters didn't fall for that.

Supporters of the treaty have threatened to ram it through Europe's governments anyway. If that indeed becomes the case, then what need is there for any vote, if the voice of the people is completely ignored? It becomes obvious then that the E.U. is specifically designed to be an UN-democratic government, a stepping stone to world socialist dictatorship.

Three cheers and a hurrah for the Irish, for having the courage to stand up to the global socialist juggernaut.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Any Questions?

In this video of Obama supporters in Houston, you can see something that made my blood run chill.

It is so obvious the Obama hordes are pro-Marxist, there's no way any pundit can deny it.

In only comes on screen for a brief second, but it's presence is unmistakable.

We have citizens in America who support a Communist mass murderer and enthusiastic torturer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

You Do The Math.

Mexican growers and the Mexican government are whining that American sanctions have ruined their tomato industry.

Statistics show that 80% of all tomatoes sold at retail come from Mexican growers.

If my 8th grade arithmetic serves me correctly, that means there is an 80% probability that the tainted tomatoes come from Mexico.

C'mon, folks.

Oh, You Mean *That* Karl Marx...

Let The Professionals Do It.

The number of salmonella cases has reached 228 across 17 states. The CDC and the FDA are unable to pinpoint the source of the contaminated goods.

(Read the article here at USA Today.)

The FDA is crying that they are so understaffed and underfunded, they can't make progress. While I'm a nominally loyal Republican, I really would like to know if President Bush plans to do anything about it. I support our troops and the war on terror, but I have to admit: when people are being poisoned by their food at home, what difference does it make if terrorists are abroad?

I'm willing to bet that if we made a joint investigative task-force from the FBI, U.S. Marshal's Office, and the Customs Department we would find the source of the tainted food very quickly. The large number of cases over so many states suggests to me that it is (at least) a matter of criminal negligence in a large scale enterprise across many states. In my mind, that is jurisdiction enough to involve Justice Department resources.

Such a motion is well within the scope of President Bush's executive authority, but he remains silent. He is perfectly willing to stretch credibility in ethically over reaching his bounds in eavesdropping on all of us and holding Gitmo prisoners without trial for years, yet he does nothing to direct his own executive branch in serving the American public.

The Democrats are going to win this next election. Why? Because the Republican Party and their government are totally, TOTALLY out of touch with the needs of our domestic citizens, they leave the door wide open for the Democrats. It's a real shame that they have dropped the football so badly.

I want so much to be a supportive Republican. How can I, when the G.O.P. incumbents are so out of touch and so impotent they can't adequately address this nations needs domestically? I pray for our country.

Dalai Llama Says: "Sharon Who?"

By now it's old news. Hollywood moon-bat Sharon Stone said that the earthquakes in China were Karmic retribution for Chinese atrocities in Tibet. Naturally, the Chinese howling baby chorus erupted.

It seems now that The Dalai Llama is trying to distance himself from Sharon's little Faux-pas.
Read the article at The Huffington Post. (See, I can quote a liberal source on a conservative blog.) We can tell from this that Sharon Stone is so stupid, she harms and insults the very people she is trying to speak up to defend. Only a Hollywood moon-bat could be capable of that.

While I understand that the concept of Karma is far more complex and multi-faceted than the moronic simplicity that Sharon reduced it to, I have to wonder whether or not possibly, just possibly, there might have been a small grain of truth to her idea, misguided as it may have been. Consider this: Al-Qaida in Afghanistan blew up a centuries old statue of Bhudda carved into a mountain. Guess what? Now the Al-Qaida are on the run after years of being hunted by Coalition forces. Thousands of them have died in battle, and they have lost power.

I admit that correlation cannot prove causation, but sometimes you really have to wonder about things.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Crocodile Tears" In Pakistan.

U.S troops came under fire at the Pakistani border, by Afghan insurgents.

U.S. troops fired back.

A handful of Pakistani soldiers died in the exchange.

Pakistan is now whining like a kid who dropped his ice-cream at the county fair.

See the article at Reuters.

The question I have is this: what were Pakistani troops doing in the midst of Afghan insurgents? It's obvious from this that we can assume what everyone has known all along. Pakistan has always turned a blind eye, and often given aid, to Afghan terrorists. Pakistan is not a real ally of the United States.

Pakistan needs to understand that if they are not for us, they are against us. They cannot realistically work both sides of the fence for long. Terrorists the world over need to understand that if they shoot at U.S. troops, they shall reap the whirlwind.

In a separate incident, Pakistani militants killed a woman and dumped her body outside a small town, with a note attached to the body. The note accused the woman of helping the U.S. and said that anyone else who did so would receive the same fate. So what does that tell you? Draw your own conclusions.

See the article at Reuters.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stating The Obvious.

Federal intelligence officials are warning everyone headed to the Beijing Olympics that their personal electronics will be hacked and their information scanned by Chinese cyber snoops. Well, duh. Tell me something I don't know.

Ever since the "missing hard-drive" episode at Los Alamos, it's been obvious that the only intellectual property the Chinese HAVEN'T stolen from us is The Bill of Rights. For some reason, they don't want to touch that document. It would be nice if they did. They could even get a copy from us free of charge.

You Say To-MAY-to, I Say To-MAH-to.

In recent days many food establishments have stopped serving tomatoes in light of a salmonella outbreak found in recent crops. The tomato industry has almost been wiped out overnight.

Federal authorities say they are trying to pinpoint the origins of the contamination.

I can tell you exactly where it came from: foreign growers. Naturally the liberals are going hurl their hate filled invective at me for suggesting such a thing, but where I come from the old saying goes "where there's smoke, there's fire."

Here's what I predict will actually happen: Federal authorities will go through all sorts of twists and contortions to avoid having to point at foreign growers, because they don't want to face the collective wrath of all the liberal communist N.A.F.T.A supporters. Money from foreign grower consortiums will start to flow freely into Washington pockets, to make sure their reputation is not besmirched.

In the meantime, I predict that all sorts of foreign produce in the future will continue to have contagion problems. Just wait and see.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Two Sides Of The Same Counterfeit Coin.

This evening I watched an Independent film on Cinemax, titled "The Red Violin."

The story follows the travels of a rare, hand-crafted violin through the centuries as it passes from owner to owner, across many generations and several continents. Everywhere the instrument goes, it is followed by intrigues, sacrifice, passion, and betrayal.

One particular period in the violin's travels has it in the hands of a Party Official in 1960's China. She had inherited it from her mother, from a pre-revolutionary era. The official realized that if the instrument is found in her possession, she could face serious trouble and even be killed. The official arranges to have the violin secretly stored by a music teacher who she had saved from public condemnation for his loyalty to Western classical music.

As I watched what happened during the Chinese period of the film, it struck me that the militant cultural pretenses and posturings of Maoism all looked very, very, similar to World War II Nazism. Historians teach us that Nazism and Communism are supposedly oppositional. The question I ask is, ARE THEY REALLY?

  • Both systems stressed harsh conformity in ideas, behavior, speech, and dress.
  • Both systems featured state control of economics.
  • Both systems carried no value for individual human life.
  • Both systems terrorized, oppressed, tortured, murdered, and destroyed.
Modern day supporters of Communism try to argue that there is a difference. They quibble over minor points of administration as proof, but what are we really talking about here? Oh, Please. Spare me the demagoguery. When the end results of each system are the same, such as suffering and death, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.

In my personal opinion Nazism survived, above ground, after World War II in the form of Communism. Anyone who tries to argue there is any difference, insults my intelligence. They insult the memory and disturb the peace of millions of souls who died under The Red Plague.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

"Say, What?"

"Big shake-up in the Hillary Clinton campaign. This is huge. Yesterday -- true story -- Hillary Clinton's top adviser abruptly left her campaign. When he heard about it, Bill Clinton said, 'Wait, we can leave?'" --Conan O'Brien

"Hillary Clinton was in Philadelphia, where she told the crowd she is like the movie character Rocky. Now, if I remember the movie correctly, doesn't Rocky get the crap beat out of him and then he loses to the black guy?" --Jay Leno

"Barack Obama gave a big speech on race, and there was one heckler in the audience, kept screaming crazy stuff the whole time. Turns out it was his pastor." --Jay Leno

"Political experts are saying the only thing that can stop Barack Obama now is a major sex scandal. And that's not gonna happen, because Barbara Walters said, 'He's way too young for me.'" --Jay Leno

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

China Communist Party Congress.

Glorious "Shining Path."

Myanmar Hunta Snubs Aid.

What is it with these Asian dictatorships?

Millions of people are suffering in Myanmar, and millions more will continue to suffer when crops cannot be planted this season. Yet the Myanmar junta turned back U.S. ships loaded with aid supplies. They fear an invasion by U.S. forces to seize oil deposits.

Read the article at CBS NEWS.

I think perhaps maybe we should give them exactly what they expect, if they are going to be complete a* holes about the welfare of their people. If there was ever a place where abusive governments really need to be overthrown, it's Asia. Get rid of the lot of them, I say, and let their people free.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Just When I Thought I'd Seen It All...

This post goes along with the comments I made a few days ago about the asinine British and their pretentious attitude toward violence, after having been one of the most bloody violent nations on earth throughout the middle ages.

It seems the highly smart and intelligent airport security in London refused to allow a passenger to board his flight at Heathrow. The reason? His T-shirt had a cartoon character with a gun on it.

I'm bloody serious, folks -- I'm not making this up, swear to God. London security said that a cartoon character with a gun is a security threat to an airplane.

Read about the insanity here at BBC ONLINE.

Adding Insult To Injury.

When citizens are suffering from the loss of their homes and the deaths of their loved ones, guess what China does?

That's right -- they haul them off to jail.

China says they struggle with enough manpower and resources to work the earthquake relief effort. Yet when greiving parents protest the loss of their children in shoddily made buildings, China magically finds enough people to arrest them and keep them in jail. We all know what kind of treatment people get in Chinese jails. Just ask Tibet.

Read about the protests in this article at MSNBC.

All of this leads to another issue. China brags about the industrial progress they have made. In the aftermath of the earthquake, it's obvious now that the so-called "Socialist Progress" got spent on buildings of such poor quality, they fall down like cards in the wind. That is why the death toll is so high.

"Socialist Progress" killed those earthquake victims, not the earthquake itself.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Overheard At The Water Cooler

Q: What do you get when you cross an adulterous liar and a sleezy lawyer?

A: Chelsea.


"The oldest serving member of Congress, former Klan member, Senator Robert Byrd, has endorsed Barack Obama for president. That's got to make Hillary feel good, huh? Even the Klan guy is going, 'I'm gonna go with the black guy.'"

--Jay Leno

Just Can't Take It Anymore...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

DHS Nightmare.

If you believe in an unpopular religion, and your children are seized by DHS, here's the treatment you can expect them to get while under the care of the state: Drownings, burnings, neglect, disease, and beatings.

It's all right here, in an article that exposes the bad record of the Oklahoma DHS.

This is the kind of thing liberals want -- all children placed in a national daycare away from their parents. Hillary proposed such a program while Bill was in office.

If such a thing happens, our children and youth are lost.