Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dalai Llama Says: "Sharon Who?"

By now it's old news. Hollywood moon-bat Sharon Stone said that the earthquakes in China were Karmic retribution for Chinese atrocities in Tibet. Naturally, the Chinese howling baby chorus erupted.

It seems now that The Dalai Llama is trying to distance himself from Sharon's little Faux-pas.
Read the article at The Huffington Post. (See, I can quote a liberal source on a conservative blog.) We can tell from this that Sharon Stone is so stupid, she harms and insults the very people she is trying to speak up to defend. Only a Hollywood moon-bat could be capable of that.

While I understand that the concept of Karma is far more complex and multi-faceted than the moronic simplicity that Sharon reduced it to, I have to wonder whether or not possibly, just possibly, there might have been a small grain of truth to her idea, misguided as it may have been. Consider this: Al-Qaida in Afghanistan blew up a centuries old statue of Bhudda carved into a mountain. Guess what? Now the Al-Qaida are on the run after years of being hunted by Coalition forces. Thousands of them have died in battle, and they have lost power.

I admit that correlation cannot prove causation, but sometimes you really have to wonder about things.

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