Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let The Professionals Do It.

The number of salmonella cases has reached 228 across 17 states. The CDC and the FDA are unable to pinpoint the source of the contaminated goods.

(Read the article here at USA Today.)

The FDA is crying that they are so understaffed and underfunded, they can't make progress. While I'm a nominally loyal Republican, I really would like to know if President Bush plans to do anything about it. I support our troops and the war on terror, but I have to admit: when people are being poisoned by their food at home, what difference does it make if terrorists are abroad?

I'm willing to bet that if we made a joint investigative task-force from the FBI, U.S. Marshal's Office, and the Customs Department we would find the source of the tainted food very quickly. The large number of cases over so many states suggests to me that it is (at least) a matter of criminal negligence in a large scale enterprise across many states. In my mind, that is jurisdiction enough to involve Justice Department resources.

Such a motion is well within the scope of President Bush's executive authority, but he remains silent. He is perfectly willing to stretch credibility in ethically over reaching his bounds in eavesdropping on all of us and holding Gitmo prisoners without trial for years, yet he does nothing to direct his own executive branch in serving the American public.

The Democrats are going to win this next election. Why? Because the Republican Party and their government are totally, TOTALLY out of touch with the needs of our domestic citizens, they leave the door wide open for the Democrats. It's a real shame that they have dropped the football so badly.

I want so much to be a supportive Republican. How can I, when the G.O.P. incumbents are so out of touch and so impotent they can't adequately address this nations needs domestically? I pray for our country.

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