Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Adding Insult To Injury.

When citizens are suffering from the loss of their homes and the deaths of their loved ones, guess what China does?

That's right -- they haul them off to jail.

China says they struggle with enough manpower and resources to work the earthquake relief effort. Yet when greiving parents protest the loss of their children in shoddily made buildings, China magically finds enough people to arrest them and keep them in jail. We all know what kind of treatment people get in Chinese jails. Just ask Tibet.

Read about the protests in this article at MSNBC.

All of this leads to another issue. China brags about the industrial progress they have made. In the aftermath of the earthquake, it's obvious now that the so-called "Socialist Progress" got spent on buildings of such poor quality, they fall down like cards in the wind. That is why the death toll is so high.

"Socialist Progress" killed those earthquake victims, not the earthquake itself.

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