Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Than He Bargained For.

It seems that Barack Obama is having some trouble dealing with women, these days. He has described Oprah's audience as mindless zombies. Nowadays he's engaging in a nasty war of words with Hillary.

From what I have seen, any time you go head to head with irritating, bossy, abrasive women, you'll loose. Barack should be careful. He just may end up listed on the "Clinton Trail of Death," right up there next to Vince Foster and various dead luminaries in Arkansas. People who cross the Clintons have a strange way of dying under questionable circumstances.

At the very least, Hillary will definitely raise her fur and bare her claws if Barack doesn't watch it.

The Body Count Lingers.

October 12 marked the tenth anniversary of the strange death of Ron Miller, the Norman, Oklahoma businessman whose unexplained death prevented his testimony before a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. His testimony would have led to, at the very least, severe embarrassment to the Clinton Administration, especially Clinton’s ex-Chief of Staff Thomas F. McLarty and the first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton....[full article here]
Ghosts of the past keep haunting. It seems the "Clinton Trail of Death" stretched here into Oklahoma, which is something I hadn't realized until I read the above article at The Oklahoma Constitution. For those of you who are not familiar with the "Clinton Trail of Death," here is a link or two to help you get familiar with those events.

Hit Them Where It Hurts -- With Western Decadence.

My previous post reminded me of something I had long forgotten.

Some years ago, I used to live in Alaska. Because of the long, dark winters, alcoholism is a big problem for many residents there. Native Americans in the state are particularly hard hit. In order to combat it, many Native villages have voted in their councils to ban alcohol in their villages and Boroughs. Enter one of the last swash-buckling characters of the American Frontier: the "bush pilot."

"Bush pilots" have reputations that lie somewhere between mafiosi, mercenary, or used car salesman. They are people who own private planes and smuggle alcohol and sometimes even drugs into villages and boroughs where they are banned. If one can keep this up without getting caught, as some have done for years, a tidy profit can be cleared.

I was thinking: maybe our government or military can commission "privateers," like the pirate days of old. We can hire private citizens to smuggle all sorts of "decadent" Western contraband, such as alcohol, feminism, comic books and rock music into countries ruled by Sharia Law. It's a more humane version of the Crusade practice where Templars catapulted plague infected sheep over castle walls. Instead of the plague, we can pump them full of freedom. Freedom to respect women, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

If you can't bring an enemy down with guns, bring them down with ideas.

New Front In The War On Islamic Terror.

Currently we are spending billions of dollars in military output for The War On Islamic Terror. What we need to be doing, in addition to sending soldiers, is fighting a war for Islamic minds, as well.

America and Europe are chock full of women's rights organizations and activists. Why don't we give them something to do, and send them to the Middle East to fight REAL oppression upon women, under Islamic law. We need to have legions of translators changing works of Western feminist thought into languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Pushtun, Tamil, and so on.

We need to translate works by such liberal female thinkers like Carrie Nation, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Gloria Allred, and the like. We should be working around the clock to translate and publish these kinds of writings into Middle Eastern languages, and we should literally be flooding that hemisphere with feminist propaganda by the ton and by the airplane load.

You can't say I'm closed minded now, can you? If liberals and feminists want an enemy to crusade against, there is a whole world of oppression upon women over in the Middle East. Why are they not clamoring to go campaign there? I would. As a conservative, I'd even help them all I could, just to prove my point that Islam is an enemy of human rights and world peace. Since liberals have such a deep, vested interest in white-washing Islamic barbarity, we'll never see any serious organized feminism go on over there.

So Called "Islamic Peace" (#19)

A woman in Saudi Arabia gets blackmailed for a year by a man who threatens to accuse her of breaking Sharia Law. Recently when she met with her blackmailer, she was kidnapped at knife point, taken to a farm and gang raped 14 times. Her brother then beat her up for bringing shame to the family.

The Islamic Saudi Government rewards the woman rape victim with a sentence of 90 lashes. It's her fault, they say, because she was seen in a car with a male who was not a relative.

Read about it in the Khaleej Times Online. [link]

These are the kind of people that the liberal media wants us to believe are civilized, peaceful folk.

Hogwash. (pun intended)

My Christian pastor never taught me to whip and beat a woman who had been blackmailed and gang raped. Here in this country we have an old saying: "no matter how much lipstick you try to put on it, a pig is still a pig." No matter how much Liberals try to defend Islam and any of its off-shoot groups like Al Qaida, you cannot change the truth. Islam is a pagan religion born in bloodshed and perpetuated through barbarism. Period. End of story.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One Less Arrow In Their Quiver

Abortion fans have one less argument to use in trying to justify their modern holocaust.

Recent breakthroughs have made it possible to generate stem cells from ordinary human skin cells. Read about it at CNN. [link]

In addition to the wide availability of umbilical cord blood that can be donated for stem cell collection, this now renders the argument for aborted fetal stem cells obsolete. All the people who say we need abortion so we can collect fetal stem cells to cure things like hogwarts, psoriasis, hangnails, and droopy ear lobes no longer have a leg to stand on.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Kos, Rove, and a Dozen Yawns.

The blogosphere is all a-flutter of late.

Newsweek hired Markos Zuniga, moon bat ranter of The Daily Kos, and Karl Rove, former G.O.P. luminary, to write opposing columns for the periodical. The move was hyped as an effort at being "balanced." The general reaction from followers of both left and right is basically, well, not much. Yawns, mostly.

The thing that very few conservatives picked up on is the liberal media's presupposition that everything *must* be "balanced." This is the same kind of thinking that gave us The Fairness Doctrine in the sixties and seventies, when national media had all but strangled out conservative partisanship in their content, all in the name of "balance."

When the Reagan administration de-regulated the broadcast industry in the eighties, the floodgates were opened for conservatives to finally gain their voice in the national political process. Talk-radio gave conservatives permission to come out of hiding and have the courage to admit in public who they really are. Blogging on the Internet finally has allowed conservatives to speak freely (mostly), free from liberal strangleholds via FCC rules.

When conservative are allowed to speak freely, liberals don't like that. According to them, somewhere in the Constitution is a phrase written in invisible ink that says only Liberals are allowed free speech. Because of this, liberals are working themselves to exhaustion trying to pass legislation designed to muzzle conservatives on the Internet and talk radio. If such a thing were to happen, which it never will, but if it were to happen, they'll never be able to enforce it. I promise you that conservatives will fight them, every step of the way.

That brings us to the point. Always be wary of anything designed to force "fairness" or "balance." It is only a cleverly disguised ruse by Liberals meant to strangle Conservative free speech. Just as the Gestapo told people they were being taken into "protective custody" before they were taken off to die, so Liberals are talking to us about "balance" before they try to destroy free speech for conservatives.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Killer Chinese Toys


(CNN- Nov. 07, 9:04 PM EST) According to CNN, retailers world wide have had to remove millions of Chinese made toys because of poisons and choking hazards. The latest death-trap to be recalled is "Aqua-Dots," which are little beads you can fuse together with water and make crafts with.

Children in America and Australia who have swallowed the Aqua-Dots have lapsed into unresponsive comas, lying on the brink of death. When the beads are metabolized, they transmute into a basic form of Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate, formally known as the "date rape" drug, or "Roofies."

[See the article, HERE.]

China, it seems, just loves death. When they're not ripping organs out of the bodies of Falun Gong followers for sale on the black market, they're poisoning innocent children with shoddy, crappy toys they ship all over the world. That is, when they're not running over demonstrators with tanks in Tienanmen Square, or hanging dissidents from ceilings with their arms backwards until they come out of their sockets, or jamming high voltage cattle prods into the chests of Bhuddist Monks in Tibet.

Every night I pray that God will open the eyes of the world, that they may see these Socialist monsters for who they really are.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

He Said It, I Didn't

"By embracing abortion, the Democratic Party is abandoning the principle that made it great: its basic commitment to protecting the weakest and most vulnerable members of the human family."

-- The late Democratic Gov. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Liberal Racism.

The other day a coworker of mine found out that I am conservative. He launched into a diatribe on how conservatives are all about hate.

You know, maybe as a conservative, I truly am about hate. I hate Liberal schizophrenic double-talking hypocrites. I hate them with a passion.

Here's a few examples of some "Liberal Love," and how Liberals are starting to hate Jews as much as they hate Christians:
Notice that I've included some liberal sources in the list. Even a few Liberals themselves admit it.


They hate religion, families, unborn children, freedom, personal property, and judicial fairness. They hate everything the founders of our country stood for. Liberals hate Christian farmers with guns. (They don't stop to think long enough to realize that our free country was started by Christian farmers with guns.)

Most of all, Liberals hate ME because I'm a Conservative. Maybe they should go smoke some of the weed that they want legalized -- then they can be as loving as they pretend to be.