Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Killer Chinese Toys


(CNN- Nov. 07, 9:04 PM EST) According to CNN, retailers world wide have had to remove millions of Chinese made toys because of poisons and choking hazards. The latest death-trap to be recalled is "Aqua-Dots," which are little beads you can fuse together with water and make crafts with.

Children in America and Australia who have swallowed the Aqua-Dots have lapsed into unresponsive comas, lying on the brink of death. When the beads are metabolized, they transmute into a basic form of Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate, formally known as the "date rape" drug, or "Roofies."

[See the article, HERE.]

China, it seems, just loves death. When they're not ripping organs out of the bodies of Falun Gong followers for sale on the black market, they're poisoning innocent children with shoddy, crappy toys they ship all over the world. That is, when they're not running over demonstrators with tanks in Tienanmen Square, or hanging dissidents from ceilings with their arms backwards until they come out of their sockets, or jamming high voltage cattle prods into the chests of Bhuddist Monks in Tibet.

Every night I pray that God will open the eyes of the world, that they may see these Socialist monsters for who they really are.

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