Friday, November 16, 2007

Kos, Rove, and a Dozen Yawns.

The blogosphere is all a-flutter of late.

Newsweek hired Markos Zuniga, moon bat ranter of The Daily Kos, and Karl Rove, former G.O.P. luminary, to write opposing columns for the periodical. The move was hyped as an effort at being "balanced." The general reaction from followers of both left and right is basically, well, not much. Yawns, mostly.

The thing that very few conservatives picked up on is the liberal media's presupposition that everything *must* be "balanced." This is the same kind of thinking that gave us The Fairness Doctrine in the sixties and seventies, when national media had all but strangled out conservative partisanship in their content, all in the name of "balance."

When the Reagan administration de-regulated the broadcast industry in the eighties, the floodgates were opened for conservatives to finally gain their voice in the national political process. Talk-radio gave conservatives permission to come out of hiding and have the courage to admit in public who they really are. Blogging on the Internet finally has allowed conservatives to speak freely (mostly), free from liberal strangleholds via FCC rules.

When conservative are allowed to speak freely, liberals don't like that. According to them, somewhere in the Constitution is a phrase written in invisible ink that says only Liberals are allowed free speech. Because of this, liberals are working themselves to exhaustion trying to pass legislation designed to muzzle conservatives on the Internet and talk radio. If such a thing were to happen, which it never will, but if it were to happen, they'll never be able to enforce it. I promise you that conservatives will fight them, every step of the way.

That brings us to the point. Always be wary of anything designed to force "fairness" or "balance." It is only a cleverly disguised ruse by Liberals meant to strangle Conservative free speech. Just as the Gestapo told people they were being taken into "protective custody" before they were taken off to die, so Liberals are talking to us about "balance" before they try to destroy free speech for conservatives.

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Red S Tater said...

Good one Bucky, I had not seen the newsweak deal... the 'balanced' deal reminds me of liberals trying to always eliminate keeping score in little league sports. Everything must end up in a tie at worst for them to be happy.