Thursday, November 01, 2007

Liberal Racism.

The other day a coworker of mine found out that I am conservative. He launched into a diatribe on how conservatives are all about hate.

You know, maybe as a conservative, I truly am about hate. I hate Liberal schizophrenic double-talking hypocrites. I hate them with a passion.

Here's a few examples of some "Liberal Love," and how Liberals are starting to hate Jews as much as they hate Christians:
Notice that I've included some liberal sources in the list. Even a few Liberals themselves admit it.


They hate religion, families, unborn children, freedom, personal property, and judicial fairness. They hate everything the founders of our country stood for. Liberals hate Christian farmers with guns. (They don't stop to think long enough to realize that our free country was started by Christian farmers with guns.)

Most of all, Liberals hate ME because I'm a Conservative. Maybe they should go smoke some of the weed that they want legalized -- then they can be as loving as they pretend to be.

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Red S Tater said...

When you got no facts, hatred is all that is "left"...So, when you rely on facts, you're usually "right" but hated by those without the facts on the left.

I feel the same way as you do Bucky, I'll post something thinking it's pretty fair and that I tried to be nice... no hatred involved just opinion. What is the first thing they post in the comments?

why are you such a hater?
It's the game they play to convince each other (and themselves) that they are justified in hating us... since they believe we hated them first type deal.

Keep on slayin' Bucky... and love them as you do.
Remember "moonbat" is a term of "endearment"... at least thats what I say.