Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hit Them Where It Hurts -- With Western Decadence.

My previous post reminded me of something I had long forgotten.

Some years ago, I used to live in Alaska. Because of the long, dark winters, alcoholism is a big problem for many residents there. Native Americans in the state are particularly hard hit. In order to combat it, many Native villages have voted in their councils to ban alcohol in their villages and Boroughs. Enter one of the last swash-buckling characters of the American Frontier: the "bush pilot."

"Bush pilots" have reputations that lie somewhere between mafiosi, mercenary, or used car salesman. They are people who own private planes and smuggle alcohol and sometimes even drugs into villages and boroughs where they are banned. If one can keep this up without getting caught, as some have done for years, a tidy profit can be cleared.

I was thinking: maybe our government or military can commission "privateers," like the pirate days of old. We can hire private citizens to smuggle all sorts of "decadent" Western contraband, such as alcohol, feminism, comic books and rock music into countries ruled by Sharia Law. It's a more humane version of the Crusade practice where Templars catapulted plague infected sheep over castle walls. Instead of the plague, we can pump them full of freedom. Freedom to respect women, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

If you can't bring an enemy down with guns, bring them down with ideas.

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