Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So Called "Islamic Peace" (#19)

A woman in Saudi Arabia gets blackmailed for a year by a man who threatens to accuse her of breaking Sharia Law. Recently when she met with her blackmailer, she was kidnapped at knife point, taken to a farm and gang raped 14 times. Her brother then beat her up for bringing shame to the family.

The Islamic Saudi Government rewards the woman rape victim with a sentence of 90 lashes. It's her fault, they say, because she was seen in a car with a male who was not a relative.

Read about it in the Khaleej Times Online. [link]

These are the kind of people that the liberal media wants us to believe are civilized, peaceful folk.

Hogwash. (pun intended)

My Christian pastor never taught me to whip and beat a woman who had been blackmailed and gang raped. Here in this country we have an old saying: "no matter how much lipstick you try to put on it, a pig is still a pig." No matter how much Liberals try to defend Islam and any of its off-shoot groups like Al Qaida, you cannot change the truth. Islam is a pagan religion born in bloodshed and perpetuated through barbarism. Period. End of story.

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