Sunday, November 30, 2008

"So-Called" Peaceful Islam #24

Around the world, muslims are "supposedly" condemning the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Read about it at ABC News. [link] Muslims are whining that the atrocity could "tarnish" their "image."


If Islam was truthfully concerned about their image, they should have considered that before they left behind an ocean of spilt blood across two thousand years of history. If they're worried about their image, they should stop killing women at the drop of a hat, and stop killing Danish cartoonists in the street, and stop blowing things up. That would go a LONG way toward helping their image.

Just stop committing the THOUSANDS of violent Islamic acts they commit every year. It would really help, it would.

Saudi Arabia is going through its usual two-faced public act, where they condemn the violence in Mumbai while they still secretly send aid to the Muslims in Kashmir who are responsible. Muslim terrorists are giving the usual excuse: "don't blame us -- blame the policies of Western nations toward us." That makes about as much sense as a rapist who blames women for simply being available.

There is only one thing I can say about Muslim complaints about their image:


Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Called "Peaceful Islam" #23

Muslim gunmen have gone on a wild killing spree in the city of Mumbai. Witnesses describe the horror of watching people get shot in front of them. Comandos from the Indian government are struggling to keep order, foreign travellers are warned to stay away.

Read about it here at CNN. [link]

Comentators are saying there's only one direction for fingers to point: Pakistan. It has long been suspected that they harbor terrorist groups in their mountainous interior. Few doubts remain now.

My Christian Sunday School pastor never taught me to burst into a hotel lobby with machine guns blazing, mowing down innocent people, in the name of religion. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: ISLAM IS A SCOURGE UPON HUMANITY.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gospel According to St. Ann

Always good for an awesome quote, let me share with you the latest from Ann Coulter:

I'll accept the results of the presidential election, if you anti-Proposition 8 die-hards in California accept the results of that vote. Earth to protestors: Most Americans oppose gay marriage. On this, even blacks and Mormons are agreed! Why don't you people go find something useful to do?
Could'nah seddit better myself!

Hillary's Next Move.

It's all over the news that negotiations are underway to appoint Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Read about it here. [link]

Sources say that Hillary is still deciding whether or not to take the job. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be for her, having to deal with a hard defeat in the primaries, and then being passed over for the Veep spot on the election ticket. I can imagine that for Hillary, the Secretary of State spot must appear to be simply an "also-ran" booby prize meant to mollify her and her supporters. I can understand her reluctance to take the spot, if she has any.

While that may well be the case, if I were Hillary I'd still take the Secretary of State spot, though I would never take anything less. While it is not as flashy or as public as being President, I would dare say that the position itself can potentially be as powerful as, or maybe even more so than, The White House itself. History has given us a number of examples.

Insiders are advising The Obomination not to appoint her to the post, because they recognize full well the very point I just discussed. It's a move that will open up a can of worms that they don't want to deal with. However, it seems that the Democ-RAT-ic party doesn't fully grasp the consequences of NOT providing Hillary's camp with enough of the spoils of war. Hillary still commands a very sizeable following within the party, many of whom are still unhappy about the way things have turned out for her. It would be wise not to alienate them any further.

If the Demonc-RAT-ic Party does anlienate Hillary's followers, that could very well play into Republican hands. The G.O.P would stand to regain some ground in future elections if the Dems are divided against themselves enough. Now all we need is for the Republican Party to start fielding at least a FEW candidates who aren't on portable oxygen, wanted before a committee, chanting cultic mumbo-jumbo in college frat-houses, or having gay sex in public bathrooms.

My wife is good friends with the wife of a former Republican Congressman here in Oklahoma. He told us that he declined to run for re-election to Congress because of his deep dissapointment with all of the corruption and shenanigans he saw, and I don't blame him. Unless the G.O.P. gets their heads out of The Bohemian Grove and their keisters out of the gay bathrooms, they are never again going to reclaim the ground they lost.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy "Reason" Season.

Atheist groups are purchasing public ads on buses in America and Britain, calling on people to doubt or deny God. Read about it here. [link]

If the progressives want a tax put on churches for being active in politics, we should also put a tax on atheists, who carry their atheism with all the zeal and fanaticism of a religion. They're worse than any eager Christian I've met. Atheists are just as ardent on shoving their disbelief down my throat as any other hypocrite for a cause.

This Christmas, I'm going to wear T-shirts and buttons in public that proudly declare religious symbols and themes. I'm going to paint crosses and menoras in as many places as I can. I refuse to allow any atheist-nazi to keep me down.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Silly Conservatives, Only Liberal Churches Can Be Political.

Gays and Lesbians all across the nation are venting their wrath upon the Mormon church, for its active roll in opposing same sex marriage proposals. Read about it here. [link]

Liberals everywhere are crying that a church shouldn't be allowed to influence politics, and that they should be taxed if they do.

Well then, answer me this: what about all the spiritual leaders, ministers, imams, and Talibanistas who threw their support in public for Barrack Obama? Who's going to tax Louis Farrakhan for supporting Obama? What about all the liberal political committees and lobbies who are tax exempt? What about all the GAY organizations who are tax-exempt? I thought so.

It's ok for Reverend Wright to say "God Damn America," but it's not ok for individual Mormon citizens to vote their conscience? It's not ok for Christians to fight for the lives of the unborn?

All I can say to the hypocrite Liberals is: Bullshit.

Gays and Lesbians are always going on about "tolerance" and "acceptance." They condemn "hate crimes." Yet now we see gay bloggers all over the country threatening violence upon Christians. Read about it here. [link] Liberal bloggers are actually using the words "murder," "kill," and "knives." Another blogger says that Mormons and Christians "should watch their backs." Hypocrites. It's the usual Marxist-Leninism: shed blood when you don't get your way, use any means necessary, fair or foul.

Ok, degenerate creeps. Bring it on.

My long time friends Smith and Wesson are ready and waiting for anyone who dares threaten me for my beliefs. If the gays want to use Marxist blood tactics to get their way, I'll introduce them to my Comrade Kalishnikov and his faithful assistant, AK-47. My forefathers pumped out a ton of lead do defend their beliefs. I'm willing to pump lead to defend mine.

Perhaps we should revive The Phinehas Priesthood. For any liberal atheist reading this who doesn't know his Bible, Phinehas was a Levite priest who went through the camp of Isreal to find out why God had put a plague upon the children of Isreal. He discovered an Isrealite in the act of fornication with a foreign woman in his tent. Phinehas ran them both through with a javelin. God removed the plague from the camp, and then pronounced blessings upon the eternal lineage of Phinehas, for his zealousness in the cause of The Lord.

Gays and Lesbians had better be careful with their threats. What goes around, comes around. The Phinehas Priesthood has modern day counterparts, and they will not hesitate to act. The Mormons have their own version, called the Order of Danites. The Catholics have a paramilitary arm of Opus Dei. Gays are the ones who had better watch out - not churches.

His Holiness, Obam-Messiah.

The ink is barely dry on the ballots, and already people have started their religious fawning.

The Hussein-ite faithful are flocking to the homeland and the dwelling of the Obam-messiah, desperate to catch a glimpse of history. They even hang out at businesses that have been graced by His Presence.

Secret Service agents have already established a protective perimeter around his home.

Read about it here at USA Today. [link]

The "evil capitalist" streak within me just had a profitable idea. I believe it's time for the money-changers to invade the Messiah's temple.

It's time to sell prayer candles, t-shirts, lucky charms, talismans, and velvet art with His Appearance printed on them. Maybe I should build a shrine to His Holy Name in Chicago, and charge pilgrims for the chance to worship before His statue.

I'm waiting with baited breath for some moron to sell a piece of toast on E-bay with the face of Jesus and Obama on it. I wonder how much it will go for.

A Thousand Voices Saying "Told-Ya-So."

According to USA Today, [link] the FDA has slapped an order onto shipments of all milk-related and milk-containing products made in China, because of the high levels of melamine pumped into the Chinese milk supply by corrupt food processors.

Thousands of children became sick with kidney ailments because of the toxic Chinese milk.

The People's Government of China is known to execute people caught committing corruption, in government and business. The world has often protested. This time, because shady businessmen purposely poisoned milk for children just to save a few bucks, I fully support the Chinese government if they take those corrupt bastards and hang them high from the rafters.

If the Chinese government is looking for some more human organs to sell on the black market like they usually do, maybe they can take the organs of the people who poisoned the milk for children. While they're at it, they can do that to the people who put the lead in all those toys they found last year full of toxins.

All I can say is "told ya so," like all the people who warned the free world in the 1990's that increased trade with an unrepentant Communist nation would only result in dire consequences. This is one of them.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Will Not Be Silenced

No sooner have the Communists swept Congress and The White House, than there have been rising calls to silence conservative bloggers with every amount of government policy making that can be summoned upon.

I have a message for the Communists: YOU'LL HAVE TO PRY MY KEYBOARD FROM MY COLD DEAD FINGERS, after you bury the people who try to take it from me.

No matter what happens to the blog-o-sphere, I will never stay quiet. I'll take to the streets if I have to. I'll pass out hand bills if I have to. I'll spray paint walls, signs, and bridges. I'll stage flash mobs. I'll do whatever it takes to get people to think, and question liberal authority.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Media Waxes Romantic about President Hussein

(Traitors to our country waving the Hammer-n-Sickle at an Obominator Rally)

Well, now it starts. For the next eight years we are going to be bombarded with the name and face of President Hussein. For eight years we are going to have to hear the journalist choirs singing the glories of the "New Camelot" where ever we go.

LocomotiveBreath1901 shares the same sentiment. [link]

I say eight years, because my own Republican Party is in such disarray, filled with so many loosers, perverts, geriatrics, moderates, secret society spooks, and crooks that they are never again going to gain ascendancy in national politics, not within 30 years. I totally predict that President Broke O'baminator will serve two full terms, because the Republican Party can't tell its own A* from a hole in the ground.


I'm so incredibly pissed off right now. Especially by all this baloney about McCain offering to mediate differences between the parties. McCain can go blow his moderate Marxist Republicanism-lite out a small hole. He doesn't speak for me, nor does he speak for many, many conservative commentators who voiced their dissapproval over his nomination to begin with.

With moderates like McCain, why even HAVE a Republican Party to begin with? Just join it up with the Democrat Party and be done with it. Just make us a one-party system like any other Marxist nation in history.