Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Thousand Voices Saying "Told-Ya-So."

According to USA Today, [link] the FDA has slapped an order onto shipments of all milk-related and milk-containing products made in China, because of the high levels of melamine pumped into the Chinese milk supply by corrupt food processors.

Thousands of children became sick with kidney ailments because of the toxic Chinese milk.

The People's Government of China is known to execute people caught committing corruption, in government and business. The world has often protested. This time, because shady businessmen purposely poisoned milk for children just to save a few bucks, I fully support the Chinese government if they take those corrupt bastards and hang them high from the rafters.

If the Chinese government is looking for some more human organs to sell on the black market like they usually do, maybe they can take the organs of the people who poisoned the milk for children. While they're at it, they can do that to the people who put the lead in all those toys they found last year full of toxins.

All I can say is "told ya so," like all the people who warned the free world in the 1990's that increased trade with an unrepentant Communist nation would only result in dire consequences. This is one of them.

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