Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hillary's Next Move.

It's all over the news that negotiations are underway to appoint Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Read about it here. [link]

Sources say that Hillary is still deciding whether or not to take the job. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be for her, having to deal with a hard defeat in the primaries, and then being passed over for the Veep spot on the election ticket. I can imagine that for Hillary, the Secretary of State spot must appear to be simply an "also-ran" booby prize meant to mollify her and her supporters. I can understand her reluctance to take the spot, if she has any.

While that may well be the case, if I were Hillary I'd still take the Secretary of State spot, though I would never take anything less. While it is not as flashy or as public as being President, I would dare say that the position itself can potentially be as powerful as, or maybe even more so than, The White House itself. History has given us a number of examples.

Insiders are advising The Obomination not to appoint her to the post, because they recognize full well the very point I just discussed. It's a move that will open up a can of worms that they don't want to deal with. However, it seems that the Democ-RAT-ic party doesn't fully grasp the consequences of NOT providing Hillary's camp with enough of the spoils of war. Hillary still commands a very sizeable following within the party, many of whom are still unhappy about the way things have turned out for her. It would be wise not to alienate them any further.

If the Demonc-RAT-ic Party does anlienate Hillary's followers, that could very well play into Republican hands. The G.O.P would stand to regain some ground in future elections if the Dems are divided against themselves enough. Now all we need is for the Republican Party to start fielding at least a FEW candidates who aren't on portable oxygen, wanted before a committee, chanting cultic mumbo-jumbo in college frat-houses, or having gay sex in public bathrooms.

My wife is good friends with the wife of a former Republican Congressman here in Oklahoma. He told us that he declined to run for re-election to Congress because of his deep dissapointment with all of the corruption and shenanigans he saw, and I don't blame him. Unless the G.O.P. gets their heads out of The Bohemian Grove and their keisters out of the gay bathrooms, they are never again going to reclaim the ground they lost.

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