Thursday, November 13, 2008

Silly Conservatives, Only Liberal Churches Can Be Political.

Gays and Lesbians all across the nation are venting their wrath upon the Mormon church, for its active roll in opposing same sex marriage proposals. Read about it here. [link]

Liberals everywhere are crying that a church shouldn't be allowed to influence politics, and that they should be taxed if they do.

Well then, answer me this: what about all the spiritual leaders, ministers, imams, and Talibanistas who threw their support in public for Barrack Obama? Who's going to tax Louis Farrakhan for supporting Obama? What about all the liberal political committees and lobbies who are tax exempt? What about all the GAY organizations who are tax-exempt? I thought so.

It's ok for Reverend Wright to say "God Damn America," but it's not ok for individual Mormon citizens to vote their conscience? It's not ok for Christians to fight for the lives of the unborn?

All I can say to the hypocrite Liberals is: Bullshit.

Gays and Lesbians are always going on about "tolerance" and "acceptance." They condemn "hate crimes." Yet now we see gay bloggers all over the country threatening violence upon Christians. Read about it here. [link] Liberal bloggers are actually using the words "murder," "kill," and "knives." Another blogger says that Mormons and Christians "should watch their backs." Hypocrites. It's the usual Marxist-Leninism: shed blood when you don't get your way, use any means necessary, fair or foul.

Ok, degenerate creeps. Bring it on.

My long time friends Smith and Wesson are ready and waiting for anyone who dares threaten me for my beliefs. If the gays want to use Marxist blood tactics to get their way, I'll introduce them to my Comrade Kalishnikov and his faithful assistant, AK-47. My forefathers pumped out a ton of lead do defend their beliefs. I'm willing to pump lead to defend mine.

Perhaps we should revive The Phinehas Priesthood. For any liberal atheist reading this who doesn't know his Bible, Phinehas was a Levite priest who went through the camp of Isreal to find out why God had put a plague upon the children of Isreal. He discovered an Isrealite in the act of fornication with a foreign woman in his tent. Phinehas ran them both through with a javelin. God removed the plague from the camp, and then pronounced blessings upon the eternal lineage of Phinehas, for his zealousness in the cause of The Lord.

Gays and Lesbians had better be careful with their threats. What goes around, comes around. The Phinehas Priesthood has modern day counterparts, and they will not hesitate to act. The Mormons have their own version, called the Order of Danites. The Catholics have a paramilitary arm of Opus Dei. Gays are the ones who had better watch out - not churches.

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