Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gospel According to St. Ann

Always good for an awesome quote, let me share with you the latest from Ann Coulter:

I'll accept the results of the presidential election, if you anti-Proposition 8 die-hards in California accept the results of that vote. Earth to protestors: Most Americans oppose gay marriage. On this, even blacks and Mormons are agreed! Why don't you people go find something useful to do?
Could'nah seddit better myself!


mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Hey Bucky!

Happy Thanksgiving Guy! Great post as usual! By the way, I just put up a part 2 to my post "The Protest Isn't Over Until..."; Part 2 deals with the "Kindergarten Kop Kook" Rhino Governator AHHH-NOOOLD. That Kindergarten Kop Kook has forgotten why Californians voted him into office! Perhaps he's a closet queen?

Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer said...

Sometimes I've wondered that myself....