Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gory Mexican Drug Murders In Alabama

Just like I've been saying for years now, Mexican drug violence has spread across the border and now it's coming to small towns near you.

This article discusses how five junkies and their blood were found spread all over an apartment in Alabama, with signs of prolonged torture.

So far, Mexican drug violence kills an average of 10,000 per year. Yet Homeland Security Sec. Nepolitano insists that the greatest threats to our national security are Christian home-schooler moms and Iraq war veterans - especially the ones with missing limbs.


Mexican Drug Violence: 10,000 dead per year
Returning Am-Vets: ???


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Glad They Clued Me In......

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Created by myself, so feel free to spread this parody as far and wide as you wish.

Any Questions?

Napolitano Still Insists I'm a Terrorist

A recent article in The Washington Times quotes Sec. Janet Napolitano as saying she stands by the wording of a recent Homeland Security report that says I'm a terrorist if I care about unborn babies and the security of our borders. If I was a veteran, I would be an additional risk to national security.

Well then. That just calls for action, doesn't it?

I'll just tip-toe past my napping child, grab my cane, and go through the secret entrance into my "right-wing-extremist" bat-cave! Now, where did I store those weapons of mass destruction? Ah, yes! right next to my blood pressure medicine and my Reinhardt Heydrich posters!

The government is in for it now! I shall summon my legions of "recruits" and launch an attack on the janitor shed at the OKC bombing memorial! MWUA-HA-HA-HA-Ha! I shall destroy! Fear the wrath of this "extremist!"

Gimme a f* ing break.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Homeland Security Says I'm A Terrorist.

I tell you what, folks. The Liberal lunacy just keeps on coming.

According to The Department of Homeland Security, in a report they recently released, I am a potential terrorist. Imagine that -- a 43 year old fat guy with a cane, high blood pressure, and a stroke clot lodged in his head, who is an under-employed full time college student living in a run down trailer in Yukon Oklahoma, is a very serious threat to our national security.

Why do they say I'm a threat to national security? The answer is simple: because I'm a Conservative.

Lest you think I'm joking, I invite you to visit the write up Michelle Malkin gave on the subject. She even included the link where you can download the official report, complete with Agency Logo and all.

Yes, folks it seems my sarcastic mockery of Liberalism and RINO Republicans, has now gotten me lumped together with the likes of The American Nazi Party. If my blog all of a sudden stops publishing, you'll know what happened to me -- I will have been rounded up and jailed as an enemy of the state, because of my two-bit little known blog in cyberspace.

Of course, I could use my underground cavern where I'm hiding all the black market bazookas and tanks that all conservatives are supposed to have stored, and I could gather together my multitudinous army of conservative "recruits" and launch an attack on the local public library. I could even use all of my secret contacts with overseas corporations who harbor fascists, and pull strings with the Federal government to protect myself, but I decided not to do all that.

I decided instead to drop my clandestine back-pack nukes and come peaceably when the Federal paddy-wagon shows up to come get me.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hussein's World Apology Tour 2009 (#2)

The kow-towing craven apology tour continues.

MSNBC, America's version of Pravda, discusses in this article how The Great O is making all sorts of promises to Islamic leaders in the Middle East about concessions in our foreign policy. A key point in most of the Islamicists' minds is American support for Isreal.

The basic thinking in Islam is that America deserves what terrorists do to us because of our support for Isreal. That's like saying that a woman deserves to be raped, just because she wants to keep her clothes on.

Truthfully it is precisely BECAUSE of Islamic butchery that we defend Isreal.

It is our own business who we support, and it is our own business if we want to preventively strike the very stockpiles of weapons and fanatics that were already aimed at us from the beginning.

Speaking of keeping women's clothes on, here is a video of our "peaceful" Islamic Taliban neighbors beating a 17 year old girl because she refused to marry a gnarly old Taliban geezer:

Taliban Publicly Beat 17 Year Old Girl
More info on this incident <a href=> here</a>. Apparently this occurred after she refused to marry a local Taliban leader so he accused her of adultery. What a wonderful group of people.
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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hussein's World Apology Tour 2009

President Hussein's never ending international craven apology tour features an interesting little tidbit:

During the G-20 talks in London, Pres. Hussein bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as he greeted him.

Of course the White House Spin-doctors hastily stated that it was not a bow of feality to a foreign potentate, but merely a diplomatic gesture.

Yeah, right. In a pig's eye.

Tune in to your major news outlets folks, as President Hussein continues his perpetual dance of obeisance to the world of Islam, handing over concessions on a silver platter to terrorist states like Iran. More posts on this subject coming shortly.