Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hussein's World Apology Tour 2009 (#2)

The kow-towing craven apology tour continues.

MSNBC, America's version of Pravda, discusses in this article how The Great O is making all sorts of promises to Islamic leaders in the Middle East about concessions in our foreign policy. A key point in most of the Islamicists' minds is American support for Isreal.

The basic thinking in Islam is that America deserves what terrorists do to us because of our support for Isreal. That's like saying that a woman deserves to be raped, just because she wants to keep her clothes on.

Truthfully it is precisely BECAUSE of Islamic butchery that we defend Isreal.

It is our own business who we support, and it is our own business if we want to preventively strike the very stockpiles of weapons and fanatics that were already aimed at us from the beginning.

Speaking of keeping women's clothes on, here is a video of our "peaceful" Islamic Taliban neighbors beating a 17 year old girl because she refused to marry a gnarly old Taliban geezer:

Taliban Publicly Beat 17 Year Old Girl
More info on this incident <a href=> here</a>. Apparently this occurred after she refused to marry a local Taliban leader so he accused her of adultery. What a wonderful group of people.
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mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Too bad this girl didn't have the snippers that Lorena Bobbitt had. Those talibums need a big bobbitt job to teach them a lesson, if they even have a brain to learn...hey, they're even dumber than the common American moonbat!