Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Religion of Perpetual Atrocity #33

Sharia Law forbids dogs as pets.

Iran has organized programs to eliminate strays, injecting them with a poison that causes the worst pain possible, only because it is cheap per shot.

You will not hear about this in the liberal press.  The video is graphic.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Remember Children, Only Liberals Are Allowed to Hate #6

Brad Pitt's mother Jane recently wrote a letter to the editor of The Springfield News Leader, a newspaper in Missouri. She criticized President "Don't Call Me Hussein," and gave her endorsement for G.O.P. candidate Mitt Romney.

The liberal backlash to her letter has been vitriolic.  After a deluge of vulgar name-calling and death threats from all over, she reports having been "scared into silence."

Read the article at Fox News.

It never ceases to amaze me just how deep liberal hypocrisy runs about "love, tolerance, and free speech."

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Legalize Pot, Ban Fois Gras

A California law banning Fois Gras goes into effect this summer. Enthusiasts of the dish are vowing to do everything they can to ignore and circumvent the law.  Animal activists are shrieking with self-righteous angst at this conservative civil disobedience.

This is in a state filled with people who want to fully legalize marijuana.  As if smoking weed did any good for people's lungs or the environment.  All that can really be said about this dichotomy is "DUFUQ?"

Get the full story, HERE. Better yet, Google the term "Fois Gras Ban," and you'll find all sorts of lunacy about the issue.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

F* food fascism #2

Random thoughts: If Anthony Bourdain and Jamie Oliver really cared about America's food health, they would shut their blow-job induced bucktooth overbites and get rid of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs first before getting all pansy-assed about Paula Deen's donut hamburgers. That is all.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Only Liberals Are Allowed to Use Hate Speech


It’s all over the blog-o-sphere now: Liberal commentator Ed Shulz called Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut,” over the air during a recent webcast on MSNBC.  Just Google the terms and you’ll find all sorts of coverage on the event.

Routinely, the network slapped him on the wrist and suspended him without pay for a week.  That’s a lot softer than what happened to Don Imus when he called the black female basketball players “Ho’s.”  The networks and the nation crucified Imus. 

Of course, Don Imus is different, I’m sure they would have us believe.  One man’s sexist hate speech is another man’s liberal free speech.  It’s another example of liberal “tolerance” hypocrisy: if they should fire Imus, they should fire Shulz.

Remember kids, only Liberals are allowed to use intolerant hate speech.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scrambled Eggs and Tax Dollars

The State of Indiana is working on legislation to de-fund local Planned Parenthood programs. Indiana taxpayers do not want their taxes to pay for abortion. Planned Parenthood and the A.C.L.U., who act as if tax dollars are some sort of divinely appointed entitlement regardless of taxpayer free speech, are seeking court injunctions against the legislation.

Planned Parenthood Fights for Slush Money

Apparently, they want the public to pay for the mistakes of people who can’t control themselves and keep their pants on. What if tax dollars were used to sterilize these people, instead? After all, Communist China gives forced sterilizations all the time to citizens who can't control themselves, and liberals world wide hail them as being socially progressive. But if anything like that were tried in America, you can imagine what kind of reaction that would generate from the free love and promiscuous sex crowd.

The problem with government funded abortion is that it leaves the door open for government FORCED abortion, the way that China currently practices it. Anyone who thinks such a thing could never happen here, ought to think again, given the twenty year long slide into state socialism we've been having here in America.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yeah...What HE said...

"Remember when President Obama said we can’t fight two wars and vowed to change our policy? Well, he did. Now we’re fighting three wars."

–- Jay Leno

"It's Still the Economy, Stupid" (#8)

According to the latest polls, Americans aren't too happy with rising gas and food prices. Read about it at YAHOO.

If my memory serves me correctly, wasn't there some candidate awhile back chanting "Change We Can Believe In?"

The day after payday, change is all I have left.

Tellin' It Like It Is...

"The Census Bureau says 50 million Hispanic people now live in the U.S. You know what that means: 80 million Hispanic people now live in the U.S." –Jimmy Fallon

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Religion of Perpetual Atrocity #32

Here's the latest contributions to the world from the Religion of Perpetual Atrocity.

An Iraqi police commander fought tirelessly to bring order to his precint. He broke up gangs of jewelry thieves who served as funding sources for Al Qaida terrorism. He broke up terrorist cells hiding out in the suburbs. For his troubles, Al Qaida attempted five times to kill him, finally succeeding on the sixth try.

I absolutely refuse to accept that anything can be holy about jewel thieves who kill cops, no matter what religion they are. Where I come from, thieves who murder cops are looked upon as low-life, yellow-bellied cowards, and they are treated as such.

Prophet Cartoon Attack in Denmark Thwarted.

Danish and Swedish authorities stopped a plan by a handful of Islami-cowards to shoot indiscriminately at people from the building of the newspaper that published the well known cartoons about the false prophet Mohammed. These yellow bellies planned to duplicate the scale of the Mumbai attack in 2008.

For some reason, given the religion of the perpetrators, I'm not really surprised.

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's that time of year again, and naturally the secular humanist crowd are starting up their holiday antics. Portraying themselves as whiny, victimized "closeted" people who need to "come out" within society, various atheist organizations have prepared holiday ad campaigns targeting any marginal atheists and agnostics with a message to step up and speak out (as if they didn't already have that right under the First Amendment, as if they haven't already been disruptively vocal against religion the past few decades, as if they already haven't been filing hundreds of court cases each year desperately trying to eliminate any an all religious symbols from public display, using the constitution as a convenient excuse.)

Shshsh! What's that?

That's the sound of my tears crying out for their "persecution" status. Wah.

Read more here: http://liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/11/26/tis-the-season-for-atheist-ads/

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Remember Kids, Only Liberals Are Allowed Free Speech (#7)

Recently the left-wing censorship group Media Matters has announced they received $1 million from wealthy self loathing limousine liberal businessman George Soros.


The group says they want to hold the Fox network "accountable" for their editorial content. Unless our country has become communist overnight, I believe the First Amendment allows Fox to air whatever opinion they want. Notice how Media Matters conveniently ignores the blatant bias and distortions spewn out by CNN and MSNBC. Just Google the term "CNN bias" and you'll find find plenty of hypocrisy.

I can remember when the conservative group Media Research Center came along, and all the liberals were crying and howling foul, whining that the group fostered "censorship" of liberal media content. Now it seems that Soros and media liberals are doing the same thing they accuse conservatives of doing, censorship. It's a classic case illustrating the two-faced schizophrenia liberals have about freedom of speech, and how much they consider The U.S. Constitution to be an obstacle.

Friday, October 08, 2010

"It's Still The Economy, Stupid" #7

I just love quoting Demonrat campaign slogans from earlier elections.

The latest unemployment figures put the jobless rate at almost 10%. Any left-wing Keynesian economist will tell you that optimal unemployment should be in the neighborhood of 2%. Now, if you include those who are unemployed and have given up looking for work, the official "U6" figure soars to 17%. Consider how The Great Depression had unemployment around 20%.

So, how's the "Hopey-Changey" thing going for you?

Here's the scoop, over at Rush's website, and you'll like what you see:


It's the old European saying: "when the people are hungry, governments fall."

So-Called Glorious Chinese Socialist "Progress" #4

Latest news: the Nobel Prize committee awarded the Peace Prize to a Chinese dissident who advocates peaceful, non-violent protest against the Beijing government. For once the committee made a decent choice.

The Chinese Communist Government is all up in arms about any honor going to what they've labeled a "criminal" in their propagandized minds. It's interesting that the Communist Government always considers people who teach peace to be "criminal." They never stop to think that Mao-ist tyranny is the true crime.

In spite of all the bragging about their "progress" over the last decade, the Chinese Communist government is now showing their true colors by suppressing any and all media coverage about The Peace Prize going to a dissident.

The Chinese are adept at stealing intellectual property from Western nations, too bad they still haven't taken the ideas of human rights and freedom of speech.

More info here:

(check this out: I'm even quoting a link from a Communist media outlet, MSNBC.)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yeah. What She Said.

I admit that since I'm not a New Yorker I may not be very qualified to comment on the "Ground Zero Mosque" debate that's all the rage right now. The debate is going back and forth so rapidly it's not easy to keep up.

From what I understand lately, supporters of the mosque are appealing to none other than George W. Bush for help in their cause. Yep, the very same person that these people used to call a war criminal and all around greedy capitalist, is now the man they want to help them get the mosque approved.

In addition to that, a commissioner who opposed a Wal-Mart, to be built on private property, now wants the mosque built in the same city. The mosque is planned and financed by wealthy real estate developers, which I thought was supposed to be a bad thing to liberals.

Anyway, what I suggest is that readers go to Michelle Malkin's blog, where there is plenty of excellent conservative material discussing the matter, far better than anything I could ever produce here.

Of course, there is the usual chorus of "racial intolerance!" This has nothing to do with race, regardless of what liberals say. They're always playing the race card. Got a hang-nail? It's because of "conservative racism." This has everything to do with the citizens of New York who use their freedom of speech to chose in public votes what building they want to go up or not.

Keith Olberman weighed in on the subject, saying that it will only be a muslim prayer room built on top of a culinary school, basketball courts, and a community center. He mocked conservative opponents, saying they're afraid of a bunch of Muslim chefs. Well then, how about we build a Christian cathedral a couple of blocks over from where the Kaaba Stone stands in Mecca? Bet you can guess what kind of reaction that would generate. You'll see plenty of intolerance from the Muslim crowd.

There are ENTIRE countries in the Middle East (definitely NOT a small minority of people) that publicly execute citizens who convert away from Islam to another religion. These countries also consider the feet of Western soldiers to be filthy and impure, and the soldier's presence in Iraq to be sacrilege upon holy ground. These countries publicly hang women they've raped and then accuse of "adultery." So don't preach to me about "intolerance."

If Iraq can be considered sacred ground profaned by the presence of Western soldiers, then New Yorkers are within their rights to consider the city surrounding Ground Zero to be sacred ground profaned by pagans who worship a moon rock in Mecca. What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Yes, I know there are strip clubs and bookie joints all over the city, too. That doesn't mean I agree to their presence. They are profane, also, but at least bookies and strippers don't kill thousands of people during morning rush hour.

And for all those people who talk of Muslims being peaceful soccer parents in the suburbs who serve as policemen and librarians, consider this: the men who brought the Twin Towers down were pillars of their community, also. They planned their attacks in a "peaceful" mosque in a quiet European suburb. The Islamic officer who went on a shooting rampage at Food Hood was a pillar of his community, also. People described him as "quiet," and a "loyal officer."

Here is a list of blogs I recommend that carry material that seriously questions the "peaceful soccer parent in the suburb" image:

Pay special attention to the "Honor Killings" blog. Every single one of the women listed on the blog was killed by a Muslim male who was supposedly a peaceful member of his community. Pay attention to the vicious manner they killed their women.

Intolerance? I'll listen to that sermon from anybody BUT a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer. The very assertion is a pathetic insult to victims of Muslim intolerance around the world.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"So, How's the Hopey-Changey Thing Goin' For Ya?"

Over at Michelle Malkin's joint, she discusses how President "don't-call-me-Hussein" Mao-bama ordered a separate plane for Bo, The First Dog, so he can join his Master-In-Chief on the Presidential family vacation.

Read about it here: http://michellemalkin.com/2010/07/17/obamas-dog/

I'm willing to bet the cost of that flight would be more than enough to pay the many medical bills I still have outstanding...or should I still wait for Obama-Care to take care of that...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

So-Called Socialist "Progress" #3

Recently, the pseudo-Marxist government of Venezuela, under President Hugo "it's an American plot!" Chavez, was caught "red" handed sitting on a mountain of rotting excess food tucked away in government storage facilities.

Read the story here http://www.ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=51745

Of course, the Chavez administration is trying to pish-posh the whole debacle. "It's only a SMALL percentage of food that was lost," they say. "Much more than that successfully reaches the people." If 70,000 tons is a "small percentage," consider how many people that would have fed -- that's a massive FAILURE for any system, socialist or not. 70,000 tons of lost food might not be a big deal for Chavez, but it sure would have made a difference to the people it might have helped.

Although the article above was written with an apologist tone and desperately tries to justify the failure, it still goes on to report essential facts of Venezuelan socialist failure on a very large scale.

Which goes to show that regardless of what faults capitalism may have, it sure is a hell of a lot more efficient than any socialist bureaucrat system of resource distribution. At least America never had to forcefully starve 8 million people in a decade like Chairman Mao, who considered his people "useless eaters."

Monday, June 14, 2010

If Guns Kill People, Then My Pencil Screws Up My Taxes.

In this video a prison guard demonstrates how prisoners in high security lock up are still able to create home made knives to kill with. Now matter how hard you try to control weapons, people still find ways to kill each other. Britain is learning that lesson with their astronomical knife-crime rates, in spite of their gun control

Friday, June 04, 2010

Remember Kids: Only Liberals Are Allowed Free Speech (#5)

Preach Christianity in public, and get arrested. Gimme that Ole Time Socialism.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Communist Link For Today

Homeless activists in Wisconsin are advocating that homeless people squat in empty foreclosed homes. They are saying the ends justify the means, and that these homes should be "liberated" for the people. Sort of like how the Soviet Union and China love to "liberate" people by shuffling them off to gulags and sell their organs on the black market.


"from each according to his ability, to each according to his need." It's the old Marxist chestnut that justifies theft in the name of the people. I see that communism is alive and well and living in the suburbs. McCarthy, it seems, was right. We have people living in America that advocate theft in the name of the people.

I follow a better political principle: "thou shalt not steal." Funny how liberals love to quote the Bible when they want to lecture at conservatives about love and tolerance. But when it comes to communist style theft of property that doesn't belong to them, they conveniently ignore the rest.

Remember Kids, Only Liberals Are Allowed Free Speech

Watch how communist choirboy Bill Maher jokes about Obama, using racial stereotypes.

Now I ask: what if a conservative commentator used the same words? The Liberal Media would be all over the conservative guy like a diaper on a baby's butt.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Even Nixon Would Be Proud.

All throughout the 1970's Liberals chanted a perpetual litany of idignation about "Tricky Dick" and his (alleged) dirty tricks in political campains. With the outbreak of the WaterGate scandal, the liberal media shrieked with moral outrage about how "evil" Repbublicans and conservatives are, and the kinds of things they (allegedly) stoop to

Now it seems, the chickens have come home to roost.

I grew up thinking how liberals are supposed to be all about peace, love, and tolerance. Luckily I began to see in my teens how nothing could be further from the truth. The only tolerance liberals have is for their own point of view.

Case in point: the latest trend in liberal politics is dirty tricks, sabotage, and agents provocateur. Go to the links featured below, and you'll see what I mean.

http://www.dailypaul.com/node/89254 This article discusses plans by Obama supporters to infiltrate and disrupt Tea Movement rallies, through lies and subterfuge. The people involved are the same ones who hung Sara Palin in effigy and called for her to be raped in New York

http://www.jbs.org/jbs-news-feed/6205-cowardly-okc-letters-update People posing as supporters of The John Birch Society mailed letters in the society's name to media outlets in OKC containing racist rhetoric. JBS has called for an investigation of the imposters, and has issued public statements denying any support for racist ideas. Unfortunately the bell cannot be un-rung, and the court of public opinion stands ready to pass judgement.

Most conservatives like myself harbor no illusions about the visciousness of American politics. The entire history of this country has born that out. We just think it's hilarious how liberals preach a mighty sermon about peace, love, and tolerance, and then turn to the Marxist doctrine of anarchy and revolution by any means necessary.

If I were a member of the party echelon at the G.O.P. I'd use this in a big way. By engaging in this hypocrisy, liberals have handed a publicity tool to the Republicans on a silver platter, with garnish and caviar. It's too bad the G.O.P. is still trying to make itself into Democrats in elephant clothing. Otherwise they'd have the guts to take up this issue.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Agents Provocateur

Liberals, being true to their Marxist roots of "any means necessary," are casting aside their "peace, love, and tolerance" to engage in lies and sabotage against conservative groups like the Tea Party. Read about it here:


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's Still The Economy, Stupid (#6)

The Whitehouse and all the MaoBama pundits are crowing over tiny little statistics they may show superficial improvement in small corners of economic activity, desperate to justify their debt-fueled stimulated package.

In the meantime, factories and businesses are still closing, America is continuing to loose jobs and productive capacity overseas, official unemployment still hangs at 9% with effective unemployment standing at 16% (not to mention the underemployed who are working for less than what they used to) and small towns all across The Heartland are gradually being deserted.

What was once the industrial pride of America, The Heartland has now become an empty basket of deserted factories and foreclosed homes. Read about it here:


So, how's the "Hopey-Changey" thing going for you?

I believe the MaoBama once used the terms "angry" and "guns" in describing Heartlanders. He seems to have forgotten his Marxist roots. Wasn't it Marx who often said that when the people are out of work and desperate, government has need to fear? Wasn't it Marx who said that the workers must rise up and replace the upper classes in blood?

Of course I don't advocate that. But when The President talks a big socialist game about being for the workers, while he does nothing about off-shoring our industrial base, and then forces a bloated debt-mounting health bureaucracy upon the workers, leaving their children with a huge future tax burden, what kind of crap is that? No wonder some of the "rednecks with guns" are angry.

One more time...when people are STILL loosing their jobs and their houses, Presidents have a tendency to be replaced.