Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Only Liberals Are Allowed to Use Hate Speech


It’s all over the blog-o-sphere now: Liberal commentator Ed Shulz called Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut,” over the air during a recent webcast on MSNBC.  Just Google the terms and you’ll find all sorts of coverage on the event.

Routinely, the network slapped him on the wrist and suspended him without pay for a week.  That’s a lot softer than what happened to Don Imus when he called the black female basketball players “Ho’s.”  The networks and the nation crucified Imus. 

Of course, Don Imus is different, I’m sure they would have us believe.  One man’s sexist hate speech is another man’s liberal free speech.  It’s another example of liberal “tolerance” hypocrisy: if they should fire Imus, they should fire Shulz.

Remember kids, only Liberals are allowed to use intolerant hate speech.

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