Friday, October 08, 2010

So-Called Glorious Chinese Socialist "Progress" #4

Latest news: the Nobel Prize committee awarded the Peace Prize to a Chinese dissident who advocates peaceful, non-violent protest against the Beijing government. For once the committee made a decent choice.

The Chinese Communist Government is all up in arms about any honor going to what they've labeled a "criminal" in their propagandized minds. It's interesting that the Communist Government always considers people who teach peace to be "criminal." They never stop to think that Mao-ist tyranny is the true crime.

In spite of all the bragging about their "progress" over the last decade, the Chinese Communist government is now showing their true colors by suppressing any and all media coverage about The Peace Prize going to a dissident.

The Chinese are adept at stealing intellectual property from Western nations, too bad they still haven't taken the ideas of human rights and freedom of speech.

More info here:

(check this out: I'm even quoting a link from a Communist media outlet, MSNBC.)

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