Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shrieking California Moonbats.

Hollyweird Celebrity Moonbats are all jumping on the bandwagon crying and moaning on the talk show circuit that global warming is to blame for recent fires in California. George Carlin went so far as to say that because we are out of balance with nature, we are being punished.

Authorities announced today that *ARSON* is the cause for California fires.

I'm willing to bet all the shrieking Moonbats are going to say that global warming influenced the brain of the arsonist, causing him to set the fires. George Carlin will probably try to tell us he was possessed by a nature spirit. Well, maybe global warming is influencing my brain when I give these Hollyweird liberals the finger.

1 comment:

Red S Tater said...

Hey Bucky, it was Mother Nature that hired the arsonists.

"It's not nice to fool mother nature"
remember? (margarine commercial)

I'm pretty sure they believe in the Jolly Green Giant, The Keebler elves and Jimmy Dean's Sun and moon living in a highrise office building.

BTw- Mother Nature works for Bush and has close ties to Karl Rove.