Thursday, October 04, 2007

MoonBat George Soros, Scribe and Pharisee.

"Wo unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You swallow camels and strain at gnats."

Here's a nice little article about George Soros, the "non-self-respective Judaic person" (or self-hating Jew)

The Sorry Tale of George Soros. [link]

Liberals always whine and cry about special interest money going to Republicans in their campaigns. What does that make the millions of dollars that Soros funnels into liberal organizations?

Liberals always whine about how rich people do all they can to dodge taxes. When was the last time a third party seriously audited Soros' books? What about the army of attorneys and accountants who work for him? Just how philanthropic are they?

Mr. Soros is afflicted with what I call "Dixie Chick" syndrome. It's a mental illness where a person thinks that their fame or fortune qualifies them as a political expert.

I tip my hat to Mr. Soros' business acumen. I only wish I could amass a fortune as sizeable as his. Unlike the Liberals, though, I refuse to believe that his money makes him any kind of expert in American political policy. His money only makes his mouth larger and his voice louder. He is no more an expert at political policy than the average American voter he is attempting to buy off at the ballot box.

I sincerely hope that Republicans will wake up and see how they are loosing ground to arrogant hacks like Soros. The Democrats are crafting detailed game plans for the next elections. They intend to make full use of anything critical they can find about the Republican cause. George Soros is giving them plenty of advice.

All we need is for Republicans to get their heads out of the public restrooms and the cathedral love-dens, get their act together, and defeat foreigners who adversely effect our domestic policies.

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