Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Tale Of Two Terrorists.

The United States has officially designated Al-Qaida as a terrorist organization. Communist China has officially labeled Falun Gong as a terrorist organization. One group blows up things like The World Trade Center, grinding 3000 people into hamburger, while the other group does things like...well you know, terribly evil stuff like exercising in the morning and eating special herbs. Bet you can't guess which group is which.

The eternally whining Left defeat-o-crats have long moaned about U.S. torture practices upon Al Qaida prisoners. Yet the same liberal media is thunderously silent about the Chinese torture practices upon Falun Gong prisoners. Eye-witness testimony from refugees and escapees tell of in-human horrors you'd expect to see in Hollywood slasher movies, perpetrated in real life by Chinese guards, hidden in secret Chinese gulags buried deep within the country's interior deserts.

Americans fear Al-Qaida because they kill and destroy. China fears Falun Gong because they exercise, eat vegetables, and ignore the establishment. One group might possibly deserve torture, the other does not.

Which do you think Liberals are going to pay attention to the most? If the Liberal media truly was all that concerned about torture, in and of itself, they would be all over the Chinese abuses. Yet they ignore it.

Liberals don't truly give a single damn about human rights or any other just cause, other than how it will serve their purpose of defeatism and treason. What the Liberals really want is to fight the American establishment. They want to buck the system. That's all they care about.

That, my friends, makes them no better than the establishment they criticize.

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