Friday, June 27, 2008

The Storm Approaches.

By now everyone has heard about the recent Supreme Court ruling reaffirming the true meaning of The Second Amendment.

The City of Chicago is moaning and crying. They rolled out before the media a long list of gun fatalities that occurred in Chicago so far this year. So what's the problem? Chicago already has a ban in place. If all those gun deaths occurred while Chicago still has a gun ban, then the obvious conclusion is this: criminals still had guns, regardless of gun control.

GUN CONTROL DOES NOT WORK. Let's get it through our heads, people. Criminals continue to kill people. They care nothing for bans or controls. Chicago's own statistics prove that.

Victim's families often say that their loved one would still be alive if guns were banned. That's debateable. The guilty party obviously ignored any bans. Maybe the victim would still be alive if he carried a gun to defend himself with. Does anyone ever think of that? Of course not.

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mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Gun control means aiming at the ding dong who is trying to harm you, and hitting him where it counts! Maybe the mmonbats have forgotten this when they goofed off with a gun, and blew their senses away.