Tuesday, August 04, 2009

So-Called "Peaceful Islam" #30

Well folks, I'm going to be a bit liberal today. I am going to speak out in defense of feminist activism. Specifically, in the nation of Sudan.

A former diplomatic worker for The United Nations is on trial in Khartoum, and if convicted she will be flogged. Keep in mind that Islamic floggings, especially in Africa, are the kind that leave scars.

What is the woman's crime, you may ask? She is guilty of the absolutely heinous crime of WEARING PANTS. Yes, folks, the religion that brags itself ready to take over the world just cannot tolerate women wearing pants in public. When an Islamic government illegally usurped power in the 1990's in the Sudan, they put in place a dress code for women, punishable by flogging.

There's one small catch. Prohibition on pants is never specifically mentioned in The Koran, nor anywhere else in the writings of Mohammad. It is purely a modern interpretation.

Yes folks, maybe I should have publicly whipped my Christian Sunday School teacher, because she wore slacks. That's what Islam in The Sudan says. Such wonderful, lovely PEACE now, isn't it?


Read about it here.

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