Monday, August 03, 2009

Remember Kids -- Only Liberals Are Allowed Disruptive Protest.

If you want to see some good old fashioned noisy American protest, watch the videos on this liberal blog, "Think Progress."

There's only one problem, though. The noisy protesters are (sacre bleu!) real live Conservatives. They are focusing on town hall meetings held by Democrat legislators. The liberal writer of the blog post is all aghast, of course. The nerve of these right wing people, making a ruckus.

Oh, the anarchy! Such disrespect for law and order! Such ruffians, whatever shall we do? American liberals would NEVER behave like THAT.

That's right -- liberals think we should ignore all of their anarchy, lawlessness, destruction, sabotage, sex, drugs, noise, and disturbance of the peace they've been doing since the 1960's. Only LIBERALS are allowed to make anarchy.

What a bunch of crap.

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